About JESI

Creating a Safer Connected World

The JESI Story

JESI was born in regional Queensland - Townsville to be exact and it was a car crash that inspired its development.

A mate of Joe’s (our CEO and founder) who was a travelling salesman, rolled his car just outside of Weipa in the far north and despite 10 ppl waiting at the pub for him, he was upside down in his car and in and out of consciousness for 6 hours before a passing motorist found him (don’t worry, the good news is he is alive and well!).

The question begged... "How can this be, when we are living in times where we are more connected than ever?"

And so the conversation began and JESI was established in 2012.

What does JESI stand for?

Journey • Event • Safety • Innovation

At JESI We Value

Our Customer

We are open. We are supportive. We work together to achieve.


We have a sense of urgency when responding. We are pragmatic, realistic and sensible.


We are goal orientated. We provide a high quality product. We know our value. We are laser focused on our results.


We are honest.  We have humility.  We are accountable. We are respectful. 


We use good judgement. We are frugal not frivolous.

Our Team

We provide leadership. We have no room for arrogance. We have compassion. We are inclusive.