JESI Lead Software Developer

Alex Scott

Alex, we know a little bit about you because you have been with the JESI team for awhile now, but you have recently been promoted, congratulations!
Thank you, yes that is correct, as of 1 Jan 2020 I was promoted to the role of Lead Software Developer based in Brisbane.

Just remind us – how long have you actually worked at JESI and what were you doing previously?
I started working at JESI in Dec 2016 as an intern, while completing my degree – initially to help in the area of development while others were on Christmas break.

And what are you looking forward to the most about your new role?
Joe (CEO/Co-Founder) and Kathy (Director, Customer Solutions) identified a need to have a tech presence in Brisbane so the relocation from Townsville to Brisbane was something I was looking forward to.  Being in a new environment, having new challenges and seeing a different side of the business ie moving from the ‘development only’ to development and customer solutions is definitely appealing.

Working for a Startup is definitely a unique experience, can you tell us what you have learnt about yourself during your time with JESI?
I have realised that community is a vital part of software development. You need a lot of connections in the industry who are doing different things and who can provide support.  This lets you bounce ideas, discuss blockers, learn from their experiences and make sure you are on the right path.

And professionally what have you learnt?
The importance of clients.  Without clients there is no business and no job.  I really enjoy seeing what the clients are doing and how they are using JESI in their business. I have also learnt that staying up to date with the ever moving tech adds a lot of demand on your time.

There is no doubt JESI is experiencing some significant growth and has some amazing opportunities coming up, what do you think will have changed for JESI in the next couple of years?
JESI has an extremely bright future ahead with everything we are currently working on. I think we will continue to grow the team and clientele.  I also hope that the JESI product becomes a household name and more ingrained in our chosen industries, that it is a product people recognise and automatically go to.

The JESI team is often spread from one side of the country to another but works hard at remaining tight knit, what do you love most about working at JESI?
3 things –
1. It is a fast paced and client focused environment. The client is at the forefront of everything we do.  It gives value to what we deliver and put in place, to ensure quality.
2. We strive for excellence, making sure everyone is of the same mind.  Everything we do is working towards improving the product. This can’t be said for a lot of companies.
3. We are forever learning and adapting.  There is always something brand new for me to learn or a challenge to overcome or a roadblock to work around. I can honestly say I have never had 2 days the same and it keeps things fresh.

And lastly Alex, what is your workplace personality? how do you think those you work with would describe you?
Hopefully in a positive light.  Not too sure. Hopefully, hardworking and happy.  Always looking to avoid conflict but finding a positive solution.