JESI Lead Software Developer


Andre de Jager

Bachelor of Information Technology from James Cook University.

Short Brief on your work experience.
Over 8 years’ experience building software and web applications. Worked in Townsville and London, UK.

What is the most exciting/interesting thing that you have developed and why?
Building the JESI Trip Risk Assessment, because it used a lot of new and exciting technologies like Clojure ( and re-frame ( We’ve taken those technologies and what we’ve learnt and applied it to other parts of the JESI system.

Why do you think JESI is leading the way in technology?
Being a small agile team allows us to quickly shift focus not only on features but also new technologies. We work efficiently, move quickly and encourage constant learning and trying new things.

Without giving away secrets, what technology is JESI using and what is the best thing about this technology?
JESI uses various technologies but the standout is Clojure ( Using Functional Programming has been a breath of fresh air and enabled us to move even faster since we spend less time dealing with bugs. Clojure is ubiquitous and can also run in the browser (! This means we can easily share code between the front-end and the ‘Application Programming Interface’ (A.P.I.).¬† Providing us greater validation.

What is the coolest thing you have done while at JESI?
Stepping up to Lead Developer has been an exciting and great learning experience.

How do you keep up with new technology?
Reading lots of blogs and newsletters, and chatting with other developers at DevNQ (