Ventia transforms their Safety with Journey Management

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Case Study: Easternwell, a Ventia Company

Industry: Oil & Gas Industry


Number of Staff: 1,400


About Easternwell

Easternwell specialises in providing industry leading drilling, well servicing and remote mobile camp management services. We bring a wide range of essential services together delivering more efficient, responsive and cost effective solutions for our clients. As Australia’s leading integrated energy and mining services company we operate continuous contracts with some of Australia’s largest exploration companies.


Easternwell’s frontline workers are required to travel long distances on rural and remote roads which opens them up to a range of safety risks. A significant number of fatigue related incidents and near misses had occurred which highlighted the need for better visibility. In response to the incidents, Easternwell introduced a paper-based journey management procedure which generated a huge amount of administrative labour. To ease the administrative workload they implemented a national call-centre which solved the problem but was extremely costly.



“The highest risks within my operation are definitely driving related and we had a series of fatigue related incidents and I wasn’t happy with that”

 - Marco Waanders - General Manager Camp Management


JESI was introduced to Easternwell through a mutual connection and they quickly identified the benefits of a global, location-based software solution that could monitor the risks associated with mobile workers who operate remotely across multiple geographic locations. 

The JESI solution offered Easternwell the ability to manage real-time responses and reduce the number of driving incidents, injuries and delays for their remote workers.

Easternwell developed with JESI a customised Travel Risk Assessment (TRA), to ensure their drivers consider potential risks and adequately plan their journeys prior to departure. The custom TRA is both a web and mobile application, which allows drivers to create a quick and easy journey plan. Managers can review upcoming, active or historical journeys through the Audit Log.

Another benefit Easternwell found was the integration between JESI and their existing IVMS (Geotab). This integration feeds critical vehicle data into JESI and provides complete visibility of the journey and access to real-time vehicle locations.


1. Pre-Planning

Established a Strategic Sponsor, set clear agendas and outcomes for each Onboarding session.

2. Scope & Development

Defined the scope and timelines for change management and implementation.

3. Confirmation

Ensured the Scope and Timelines had the appropriate internal endorsement and set success metrics.

4. Training

Multiple live training sessions, full access to all online User Guides and ongoing Monthly User Training Webinar.

5. Evaluation

Evaluated against the success metrics when appropriate.


“We were looking for a competitive advantage when it came to implementing JESI and what we found was a 70% cost reduction straight-away and achieved higher compliance and safety improvements within that process.”

 - Marco Waanders - General Manager Camp Management


The implementation of JESI resulted in an immediate 70% reduction in costs after eliminating the need for their check-in  call-centre. 

Easternwell have also reported that the culture of safety at the company has improved since the implementation of JESI. Staff noticed changes in their own driving behaviour both at work and personally. In addition to the improved safety culture, Easternwell have reported no fatigue related driving incidents since implementing JESI in 2016.

The customised Travel Risk Assessment has led to ongoing productivity improvements for Easternwell. This automates the manual process of reviewing low risk responses and allows Managers to focus on medium to high risk.

Return on Investment

Easternwell were spending on average 45 hours per month on manual Journey Management processes. This was costing them almost $2,300 a month in labour costs.

After implementing JESI, they are now saving 37 hours a month.

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