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Case Study: Land Surveys

Industry:  Across many sectors including engineering, mining, energy, construction, land development and government infrastructure projects.




About Land Surveys

Land Surveys is a leading provider of surveying and geospatial solutions for clients throughout Australia. Their clients operate across many sectors including engineering, mining, energy, construction, land development and government infrastructure projects. Their consistent introductions of advanced technologies and innovations, along with over 25 years’ experience, ensure their services are of high quality and exceed clients’ expectations.



With many offices across capital city locations (areas including the Pilbara and Northern Territory) delivering their surveying services required frequent long-distance driving to reach their client’s project sites.

Whilst a Journey Management Process had been in place, it had been reliant on a manual paper-based system. With innovation and safety at the forefront, Land Surveys identified a need for a system that provides a more centralised and visual way to manage, monitor and provide oversight of their workforce in real time.

“With the long distances and remoteness that Land Surveys’ teams cover across Australia, journey management remains one of the biggest operational risks in our business.”

Shane Watson, WA Regional & Mining Manager for Land Surveys



JESI provided a digital platform that streamlines their journey management systems.

The easy user interface makes planning simple. They can detail their journey route and establish nominated check-in times and check-in locations. A risk assessment is attached to any travel or remote work their teams are engaged on and details of the planned itinerary is visible in a centralised dashboard.

JESI’s risk assessments automatically review the score of each assessment. The digital solution assesses the individual’s wellbeing or if the road conditions are too hazardous. If the individuals’ results are deemed too risky, a manager is notified to review the results and take corrective actions.

JESI’s check-in and escalation process provides effective communication and emergency response capabilities. The automated notification process ensures the team is reminded to complete the required check-ins and if a check-in is missed, the customisable escalation process will activate.

“JESI provides our business a streamlined and visible solution with a user-friendly interface.”

Shane Watson, WA Regional & Mining Manager for Land Surveys



  1. Pre-Planning

Established a Strategic Sponsor, set clear agendas and outcomes for each Onboarding session.

  1. Scope & Development

Defined the scope and timelines for change management and implementation.

  1. Confirmation

Ensured the Scope and Timelines had the appropriate internal endorsement and set success metrics.

  1. Training

Multiple live training sessions, full access to all online User Guides and ongoing Monthly User Training Webinar.

  1. Evaluation

Evaluated against the success metrics when appropriate.



This project allowed Land Surveys to conduct a holistic review of their journey management process. They have developed and implemented a digital solution (JESI), to manage the risk of long-distance driving, remote and isolated work for their business.

JESI is now an integral part of their business and is used daily.

JESI’s solution provides full visibility of their workers while they are commuting to and from projects or working remotely, and ultimately for all their workers to return home each and every day.

The fully documented and auditable process allows Land Surveys to have better oversight of how their team are using JESI.

“Since the implementation of JESI and pairing it with our IVMS system, we have been able to identify, learn and improve other areas of our business that would not have been as visible without the integration of these systems.”

Shane Watson, WA Regional & Mining Manager for Land Surveys

A full suite of documentation such as the Journey Management Procedure, JMP Emergency Escalation Plan, Remote and Isolated Work Procedure and Fatigue Management Procedure had also been reviewed and updated, which underpins JESI’s risk management capabilities.

“Since its implementation it has proved to be a worthy addition to our management system and provides management with the peace of mind their workers have returned home or back to camp safely.”

Shane Watson, WA Regional & Mining Manager for Land Surveys

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