Celebrating the Wins

As another year quickly passes us, we always like to reflect on the year that has been. Our team loves to celebrate the big and small wins, is this something you do too?

At the moment we are celebrating a few big wins. We have closed our JESI version 1.0 and all of our foundation clients rolled over to the new and improved JESI v2.0. We are thankful to all our clients who initially onboarded JESI and provided feedback that supported the launch of our world class v2.0. Take a look at the new and improved version here.


Here are our Townsville, Australia developers closing off v1.0 – smiles all round!

Additionally, JESI has seen over 120,000 hours tick over in the system in the last 12 months. That’s 30,000 journeys where organisations have seen the safe arrival of their travelling employees. We have seen JESI accompany corporates and not-for-profits throughout the world to ensure their travelling workforce are safe. In fact, we have seen over 37,000 safety check-ins.

When a traveller misses a safety check-in, management is immediately notified.

We are delighted to be helping business by providing a platform that gives visibility over their travellers. As business travellers tend to be solo travellers, their safety is important to us and important to the organisations that we work with.

If you are celebrating any wins in your organisation, big or small, we’d love to hear about them, please comment below.

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