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Trusted by organisations worldwide for journey management


As companies grow so do the number of travelling employees, particularly within the mining, energy, oil and gas sectors.

Travelling between countries and out to remote and isolated conditions often exposes lone workers to high risk environments. Current journey management practices are either cumbersome, expensive or non-existent and a constant challenge to manage effectively.

JESI journey management enables management to safeguard their travelling employees whether they are flying, driving, commuting or travelling between work sites. JESI allows travellers to create their own journeys, select their mode of transport, create checkpoints and indicate the time of their journey.

Management has peace of mind knowing they will be alerted if an incident has occurred and if emergency assistance is required.

Mobile workforce management is no longer a complex task.

“JESI has provided our team with additional traveller safety support in managing our consultants across the Asia Pacific region. The feedback from staff using the program has been very positive with many appreciating the simplicity and automated system approach, especially when working late at night and on weekends. The ability to track and locate staff without a 'big brother' approach and the ease of setting up a journey were major factors in the system being accepted and used by our staff.”
Nathan Redfern
TD Manager - Occupational Hygiene & WHS Manager (Asia-Pacific)
SLR Consulting Australia Pty Ltd


Construction companies trust JESI to monitor mobile teams across various sites.

Managers, supervisors, engineers and construction crews continually move from one location to another, leaving management without visibility or peace of mind knowing whether their travelling teams and lone workers are safe.

Individual site locations can be added to JESI and the appropriate supervisor alerted if a crew member doesn’t check-in. JESI’s responsive communication empowers management to quickly and easily respond to incidents.

Travel reports are immediate and provide management with accurate data to make decisions about their mobile workforce.

Knowledge about the safety of your mobile workforce removes uncertainty.

“The JESI system has provided us with an easy to use program to monitor the safety of our staff whilst they are travelling outside our metropolitan areas”
John McCormick
Office Manager - Alexander Symonds


Schools, universities and training centres use JESI to ensure their students, teachers and researchers are travelling safely between campuses, work placements, remote communities and research locations.

JESI effectively manages the entire journey management process giving management and administrators peace of mind they will be notified when a staff member or student does not check-in. JESI is considered the essential travelling partner.

Real time, responsive communication ensures notifications and alerts are delivered immediately.

“JESI is user-friendly, uncomplicated, time efficient, cost-effective and backed by a professional and supportive team”
Ron Pertovt


Health practitioners, social workers, community workers, aid workers, pharmaceutical representatives and program managers use JESI as a safety tool when travelling between hospitals, practices, outreach visits, remote communities and patient homes.

Organisations have huge challenges in knowing where their people are and if they are safe. When an incident or emergency situation occurs, the ability to activate an emergency response can be slow and the timeliness of communication with those responsible is impacted.

It is estimated that 85% of workers within the Health and Community Services sector have been personally affected by some form of abuse including physical violence that has resulted in injury and even death.

JESI gives managers peace of mind that if a team member doesn't check-in or out of appointments, they will be immediately alerted via SMS and email.

JESI's incident report button ensures that field workers can quickly report an incident and that management will be alerted.

JESI helps organisations minimise risk by ensuring employees feel protected when going into situations and locations that make them vulnerable.

Managers can easily access the traveller activity dashboard providing decision makers with accurate statistical data about their health professionals' movements, incident details and time out in the field.

JESI can give you peace of mind knowing that your people will get home safely to their families.

“As a charity working to prevent and treat child abuse and neglect our team can be faced with challenging situations in the field. JESI is an unobtrusive, secure and trustworthy solution to keep our staff safe. JESI's ease of use enables us to keep track of our team at all times without constant direct contact. Our staff love it and describe it as the initiative of the year. JESI is our friend”
Renée McAllister
Regional Director - Act For Kids