The JESI and GEOTAB integration brings the power of Journey Management and In Vehicle Monitoring System (IVMS) together in one complete solution.

"The team at JESI are easy both easy to work with and commercially focussed. Integrating JESI with Geotab means we can provide complete remote worker and vehicle monitoring in the field.”

Michael Carter, Director at Beyond Clarity (Geotab Reseller)

JESI and Geotab

Combining the Best of Both Worlds

JESI’s real-time alerts, rapid communication notifications and risk assessment to track, manage and mitigate critical events impacting remote worker safety - with GEOTAB Fleet Management, for harnessing fleet asset data for efficiency, cost control, and safety.

Watch the Overview video.

Measure and Report

JESI equips organisations with advanced reporting and therefore cost-control capability. The GEOTAB IVMS component enables the monitoring of drive efficiency and fleet maintenance.

Geotab Integration
Automatic Notifications
System Analytics
Real Time Dashboards

Peace of Mind

JESI facilitates Workplace, Health and Safety Legal Obligations, digitising and consolidating safe practice, including risk assessments, into one easy to use program. To compliment the compliance smarts of JESI, GEOTAB Fleet Management, ensures road rule compliance with safety checklists and speeding metrics. Also, analyse and encourage safe driver behaviour with reports and in-vehicle coaching.

The JESI mobile technology includes Journey Management, Lone Worker, Working On-Site and Risk Assessment features that can be linked to workflow approval processes. Watch the videos.

A Vital Tool

“JESI is a vital tool as we manage the risk of having solo workers travelling across multiple client sites. It also provides a clear and concise record of on-site service appointments for compliance – to assure the client we are managing the risk... JESI effectively removed the human error from the previous manual monitoring and escalation processes.”

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