Global Safety Excellence for International Maritime Recruitment Specialists, Channel Shipping Services

Global Safety Excellence for International Maritime Recruitment Specialists, Channel Shipping Services


Channel Ship Services (CSS) Limited based in Jersey, Channel Islands is a specialist offshore maritime recruitment company who provide short-term and permanent contract placements for Seismic Vessels operating all over the world.  This requires global co-ordination of over 150 contractors to be dispatched from numerous locations across multiple countries.

The significant difficulties confronting CSS Limited were not only the complexities of coordinating contractors across different locations but the high probability of lone contractors being exposed to adverse weather conditions and the risk of terror attacks or hijacking.  The ability for CSS Limited to monitor the safety of their contractors was hampered by the lack of visibility; not knowing where their contractors were once the journey to their designated ship placement commenced.  Journeys often start in remote locations, include multiple modes of transport and inter-country stopovers.

In the search for a solution to manage their global contractors, CSS Limited needed to consider the dynamics of intercountry time zones and a multi-national workforce, with English not necessarily being the first language.  The solution needed to be easy to implement, provide access to real-time visibility and include global connectivity to continents such as European, North American, South American, Asian and African Continents.

CSS Limited Operations Manager, Ryan Dunning identified JESI as a possible software solution through a ‘google’ search in February 2017. After evaluating   JESI’s capability, the decision was made to onboard JESI as part of their core operation to effectively manage the safety of their global workforce of contractors.

The benefits and value that JESI has brought to CSS Limited in managing the significant risks of their complex global work environment have made an overall positive impact in delivering outcomes for their business.  These include the following:

  • Global connectivity and communication capability via SMS and email
  • Contractors required little or no training to understand how to use JESI
  • Contractors have the independence to create, edit and manage their own journeys and check-ins
  • Provided contractors with assurance that if they didn’t check-in safely, a CSS representative would know instantly
  • CSS have access to real-time data to track and manage each individual contractor’s journey from start to finish, irrespective of where they are in the world

In addition to the benefits JESI is providing as a safety solution for managing the risk associated with their mobile workers, the implementation of JESI will support CSS Limited achieving OHSAS18001 Certification which will result in the company generating new business.

Overall JESI has been well received by CSS Limited contractors, employees and customers, with an acknowledgement that the system is easy to use and promotes a feeling of comfort that someone will know instantly if they are not safe.

About JESI:

JESI is a global workforce management business which uses innovative technology to help workers to travel safely and communicate with their teams from even the most remote locations. Operating out of Townsville, North Queensland, JESI was the first recipient of regional investment as part of the Queensland Government’s Advanced Queensland initiative. JESI journey management software is already used and trusted by a variety of companies in a wide range of sectors including resources, construction, education and health, both in Australia and internationally.

About CSS:

Operating out of Jersey, Channel Islands, CSS Limited recruits and places contractors worldwide, for the Seismic, Subsea and Offshore Survey Industries. CSS Limited maintains a large database of seafarers from a diverse range of countries and backgrounds. Using the latest technology they are able to match specific requirements with the seafarers’ skill sets to provide the right person in the shortest possible time.

About SAT:

Strategic Analytics Team (SAT) have partnered with JESI to deliver journey management software throughout Europe. SAT has implemented JESI into its operational logistics programs to some of the world’s largest companies. SAT understands operational logistics and what organisations in this sector want to achieve from greater efficiencies, reporting, risk management, fleet management, and compliance to the last mile of delivery.

It supports its clients by leveraging the combined knowledge and skills of subject matter experts in the global team and using a combination of robust technology, in-house solutions, Research and Development, and the application of quality, environmental and social performance. The company’s vision is ‘to provide assured risk and operational expertise management to support and improve the safe transportation of people and goods, no matter where they are in the world’. For more information, visit

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