Construction and Engineering

Just like the Mining Resources sector, land transportation is considered a major risk for workers in Construction.

Up until recently, the reliance on IVMS (In Vehicle Monitoring Systems) was an acceptable form of Journey Management. However, the reality is that IVMS are not installed in every vehicle  being operated for work purposes and presents companies with massive exposure when it comes to ensuring the safety of their people. The increase of contractors, vs direct employees and the introduction of the ‘Chain of Responsibility’, it is imperative that there is an effective Journey Management process that accommodates workers that travel.

JESI has the capability to capture the entire A to Z of a travelling worker, irrespective of who they are, or where and when they are travelling, and includes an interactive Trip Risk Assessment. The automated escalation notifications mean that by exception, someone will know if a traveller has not confirmed their safe arrival.

Improve safety outcomes for your workforce on the move.

“The JESI system has provided us with an easy to use program to monitor the safety of our staff whilst they are travelling outside our metropolitan areas.”
Mark Williams

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