Health and Community Services

It is estimated that 85% of workers within the Health and Community Services sector have been personally affected by some form of abuse including physical violence that has resulted in an injury and even death.

Health practitioners, social workers, community workers, aid workers and volunteers are often confronted with unknown scenarios, particularly if their role includes home visits. This presents huge challenges for organisations managing the safety of a workforce deemed to be operating in high risk environments.

JESI gives organisations peace of mind that if a worker does not safely check in regularly, they will be notified. It also means for workers that they are not alone and comfort that if they were in an unsafe situation, that someone would know about it.

Often, Health and Community Workers operate remotely from a centralized office space, visiting their clients face to face. Using JESI has enabled organisations to have complete visibility of where their people are located and in some instances, has increased transparency across entire teams.

JESI can give you peace of mind knowing that your people will get home safely to their families.