10 Apps for Digitally-Savvy Business Travel

As technology has evolved, so have our digital preferences. We no longer feel the need nor want to accumulate apps that offer us no functionality nor practicality, or at the very least entertainment. Last year we hand-picked 5 Apps to Make Business Travel a Breeze, but technology is a rapid growth industry so we have revisited this topic, and gone the extra mile to give you 10 of the very best, digitally-savvy travel apps to keep your journey as hassle-free as possible.

For Accommodation

  1. Airbnb

Airbnb has become a household name for holiday accommodation, but it is also a viable option for professional travel. After a business meeting conducted in a foreign country, possibly with the challenges of translation and cultural diversity, returning to a real home rather than a hotel – or even hostel – can provide relief. Airbnb has revolutionised the way people stay and has made this one of our favourite apps for booking accommodation.

For Security:

2.  SafetyIQ

Security for you and your employees while travelling is a must. While many of us wish our destinations were an exotic beach in the Bahammas or Big Ben, for many in sectors such as mining, energy, oil and gas, the destinations are more remote and employees are exposed to greater risk. Even when the destination is Big Ben or the Eiffel Tower, the risks associated with these destinations has also increased in the past year.

SafetyIQ is a journey management app that creates a Safer connected network irrespective of where or how travellers are goingSafetyIQ does everything to ensure risk management is reliable and hassle-free. Journey management features include traveller activity dashboard; SMS alerts and reminders; calendar integration; Travel itinerary upload; travel risk assessment; an incident button and GPS location (optional). Employees are rewarded more autonomy over their journey while management can rest assured with greater peace of mind knowing that they will be alerted should something go wrong. Say goodbye to using free-time while travelling for management and follow-ups, and say hello to free free-time and peace of mind.

3. TunnelBear

If you connect to a load of random Wi-Fi spots while travelling it is vital to keep your internet connection secure. TunnelBear is particularly easy to use VPN app, has a free version for those who only use a little data, or want to test it out, and provides peace of mind over your security. Browse privately and enjoy a more open Internet globally confidently, knowing that your connection is secure.

For Entertainment:

4. Netflix

Your flight has been delayed a few hours or you need to travel between cities by train, as frustrating as delays and commutes can be Netflix now allows you to download your favourite shows and movies for offline viewing. It is the perfect digital travel companion for entertainment.
Tip: Ensure you download all items on your must-watch list while connected to Wi-Fi to avoid expensive data roaming charges.

5. Kindle

Regardless of how devoted you are to books, there is no denying that carting around a bundle of bound books is not feasible while traveling. For those who would rather turn pages than series, Kindle is easy to use and means that you can delve into that new book you’ve had your eyes on, without the heavy bag in tow.

For Transport:

6. Citymapper

Cities are complicated, particularly foreign ones. Citymapper offers comprehensive and easy to use mobile and open transport data for 39 cities globally, to help you get around hassle-free.

With Uber integration and cycle routes, real-time departures as well as disruption alerts, Citymapper is a must have app for transport.

For Language:

7. Google Translate

It’s back to basics as we head back to relying on Google for what we do not know. If you do not know the local language of your next destination Google Translate enables you to choose between;
– Text translation: Type in your text and Google will translate.
– Conversation translation: Speak into the app during a conversation and allow Google to do the talking for you.
– Camera translation: Not sure what that sign is telling you? Take a photo of it and the translation will appear on your screen.

For Packing and Planning:

8. Packpoint

Packing can be a hassle, so of course, a list of apps for less hassle travel revolves around making the process simpler. Enter your destination, time of year, and what your planned itinerary involves and PackPoint will suggest a packing list. You can add or remove items to this list, removing them as you pack them until the job is done. It can also be synced to TripIt, so suggestions can be based on the itinerary logged in that app. For those who seem to forget the necessities, or just want to avoid the process as much as possible, this is a handy and hassle-reducing tool.

9. TripIt

Now that we have mentioned it, here is another must-have app for the digitally-savvy traveler. This one remains on our list from last year as it remains just as efficient as ever. Not only is it great for storing all details – hotels, flights, car rentals, restaurant confirmations – in a single place but the storage is accompanied with immediate notifications concerning flight changes. The app allows you to share your itinerary with other apps, such as PackPoint to take the hassle out of planning what to take with you and also allows you to share your itinerary with your colleagues, employers, and family so that they are able to stay up to date with your travels, making business meetings, coffee and dining experiences that much easier.

For Currency:

10. XE Currency

The world’s currencies at your fingertips. We have kept this one on the list as it keeps math endeavors to a minimum. With a bunch of business-oriented features, it makes the entire process of converting currency easy and instant. With the added functionality of offline use, it can provide relief for those with limited Wi-Fi connectivity. You can access live exchange rates, view historical charts and calculate prices on your smartphone or tablet.


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