Best Journey Management App 2022

Are you looking for the best journey management app? Using a Journey Management App is the easiest way to manage your team member's journey and make sure they are following the right steps of their journey. You can create an entire process flow and track it in real-time. You can also see the performance in real-time, tasks' due dates,  and much more.

Journey Management helps to save time, effort, and money when planning and approving journeys for your company’s employees. You can use a Journey Management App to get a better view of your employee's journey and make sure they are on track to safely reach their destination.

There are various Journey Management Apps available in the market and finding the best JMS that meets all of your needs is a bit intimidating.  

You will be able to select the best Journey Management App after reading this guide. This article has covered the following topics.

  • What Exactly is a Journey Management App?
  • When Should a Journey Management System Be Used?
  • Best Journey Management App
  • Benefits of Using the JESI Journey Management Solution
  • Case Study: How JESI Transformed the Journey Management Plan of Downer, the Leading Provider Of Integrated Services
  • ROI (Return on Investment)
  • Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What Exactly is a Journey Management App?

A journey management app is a smartphone application that is used to manage trips, corporate travel, driving, voyages, and journeys.

The Journey Management System (JMS) assists with route planning and optimization, risk assessment, resource and vehicle selection, communication needs, supervisory approval, and monitoring systems for fatigue management checks and real-time GPS tracking.  

When Should a Journey Management System Be Used?

Paper-based journey management procedures struggle with deficiencies and inefficiencies in areas such as emergency reaction time, hands-free operation, and fatigue management.

This has resulted in a requirement for any company with a mobile workforce to improve its work health and safety (WHS) processes and risk assessment via the use of modern technology.

If you have employees that are traveling in medium to high-risk environments, you can use a journey management app. JMS helps to make sure everyone goes home safely, manages the hazards involved and keeps an eye on your staff's wellbeing.

Travel dangers may be so great in certain places, like Australia, you need a proper journey management system to protect your employees. Also, when your paper-based solution is no longer sufficient, you want to think about employing a JMS.

Best Journey Management App

JESI is the best journey management app available in the market. JESI journey management app addresses the issues of monitoring the safety of remote employees working in remote locations. 

JESI Journey Management App helps to control the hazards of traveling and working in hazardous areas.

JESI provides real-time information and excellent communication to help lone or isolated personnel

International firms use JESI in a variety of areas, including mining/oil and gas, engineering and construction education, and health care and community sectors. 

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Benefits of Using the JESI Journey Management App

JESI's journey management solution helps organisations improve operations by gaining real-time insights into their data, mapping its value chain, and decision-making capabilities. 

Here are some benefits of using the JESI Journey Management App:

  • Automatically Optimizes a Route.
  • Reduced Incidents of Lost Time. 
  • Weather-Based Journey Planning. 
  • Offers Accurate Predictability and encourages scheduled fatigue breaks. 

Case Study: How JESI Transformed the Journey Management Plan of Downer, the Leading Provider Of Integrated Services 

Downer is the Leading Provider Of Integrated Services in the transportation, utilities, and facilities sectors. Downer's Journey Management approach was built on a paper-based system that was inefficient and difficult to administer.


The JESI technology enabled Downer to manage real-time actions and decrease the number of driving incidents, injuries, and delays for its remote workforce.  

JESI was offered to the Asset and Development Services team, who saw the value of a worldwide, location-based software solution capable of monitoring the hazards associated with Mobile Workers that work remotely across several geographic areas.

Downer was able to manage real-time reactions and decrease the number of driving incidents, injuries, and delays for its remote personnel due to the JESI system.

The integrated digital Travel Risk Assessment (TRA) guarantees that drivers have evaluated potential dangers and appropriately scheduled their routes before leaving.

Because the TRA is a web and mobile application, drivers can quickly and easily establish a route plan, and managers can analyse planned, ongoing, or even previous journeys. 

Quick messages may be sent to managers requesting rapid follow-ups and applying for necessary support with the drivers, when needed, with JESI's automatic time-activated escalation mechanism.

The smooth connection with Downer's existing IVMS system was a key added benefit of utilising JESI (In-Vehicle Monitoring System). This allows for observation of the travels as well as access to real-time car whereabouts.

ROI (Return on Investment)

Downer spent 19 hours per month on average on manual Journey Management operations. They started saving 15 hours a month after using JESI technology.

Sandvik is another multinational company that was spending 50 hours a month on average on manual Journey Management procedures. The labour expenditures were about $2,500 per month.

They are currently saving 42 hours per month and over $1,000 per month after deploying JESI.

Want to read more case studies of the JESI Journey Management App? Click here


JESI’s Journey Management enables businesses to manage employees in high-risk areas securely and confidently. It sends out real-time emergency notifications when a worker fails to check in on time.

Through automation and features that secure your employees' protection in the field, the JESI journey management app streamlines the business's management of travel safety.

JESI integrates its technology with specialized software to provide businesses with a centralised, all-encompassing solution for supervising the safety of remote workers.

Request a free demo of the JESI Journey Management and see how it can benefit you.

Best Journey Management App: Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)  

What is a Journey Management?

A process used by businesses to control the hazards related to travel is called journey management. JESI is the best journey management app that is helping many businesses in this regard.

What is Journey Software?

Companies use journey management software to acquire consumer data, build and provide tailored experiences, and collect statistics. All of the information is collected in one location, which aids in the resolution of data silos.

What is a Journey Plan?

A Journey Management Plan is a standard procedure for planning and carrying out road transport routes following HSSE criteria, to arrive safely.

What is Journey Risk Assessment?

Journey Risk Assessment is a procedure that involves documenting the detected risk factors and related mitigation actions on specific routes to ensure safe driving on that route. 


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