Contact Tracing – Keeping Workers Safe and Data Secure

Recent circumstances have fundamentally and permanently altered working arrangements. Contract tracing is one system which has become necessary in remote and close quarters workplaces. It’s expected that it will continue to find its way into more conventional workplaces as people return to work. Despite the present uncertainty of working practices, it’s all but guaranteed that the pandemic will permanently affect safety monitoring procedures.

The potential impact of an outbreak in a crowded office or small regional location would be catastrophic. Rural centres, like those near mining sites, simply don’t have the medical infrastructure to deal with a sudden influx of infectious cases.

Using SafetyIQ to Streamline Contact Tracing 

Contact tracing is an innovation in remote worker management software. The contact tracing functionality provides organisations with an interface detailing all staff movements. The system can track flights with confirmed cases of COVID-19 and alert employers prior to an employee unknowingly exposing others. The function’s relevance will continue long into the future, as it will be needed for other health crises.

Contact tracing is particularly beneficial to management staff when compared to previous alternatives, due to its efficiency. The system simplifies health and personnel management, whilst also eliminating the cost and time investment other options require.


Conventional or manual contact tracing processes present a glaring fault in security, or rather lack thereof. Any procedure involving physical documentation, or communal platforms or materials for data input is undeniably a risk. In a reception or office, there’s no substantiated system to prevent someone from stealing data for malicious or otherwise illegal purposes. Although this might seem unlikely, the extremely personal and sensitive nature of individuals’ medical information and whereabouts designates this as a major concern.

SafetyIQ’s contact tracing technology eliminates this risk. When employees and other users enter their data within the app, the information is encrypted and is only accessible by employers or other predetermined contacts. The completely secure nature of contact tracing solidifies it as the best means of safety monitoring.

Fleet Complete Partnership – Personnel and Asset Monitoring

SafetyIQ has recently been recognised in the media for a new partnership with global connected vehicle technology provider Fleet Complete. This collaboration considered with the contact tracing functionality is improving organisations’ oversight of their staff and assets in a transformative fashion. Fleet Complete offers both real-time and historical data of an organisation’s entire fleet, while SafetyIQ focuses on solutions to monitor workers who are Travelling, On-Site or Working from Home. In tandem, SafetyIQ and Fleet Complete provide a comprehensive system purpose-built to carefully and non-invasively monitor all of your most important assets.

Contact tracing ensures confidentiality and protection of information. Any data collected remains private to the organisation, and they can use this information to fulfil their safety monitoring needs. For more information on the benefits of contact tracing, reach out to the team at SafetyIQ.


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