Managing the Risk of Fatigue - A Course Comparison

Fatigued employees are not only less productive, but they are also a significant risk in the workplace. According to research from Monash University, workplace fatigue results in almost 10,000 serious workplace injuries in Australia each year.

So, how can we combat workplace fatigue?

Undertaking courses in this area can help you keep your employees safe, meet compliance standards and have the accreditation needed for drivers, schedulers, supervisors, and managers to ensure competency in managing the risk of fatigue.

But there's so many out there, which one should I choose?

We have created this guide to give you the inside scoop on a few of the courses available whether focusing on accreditation or improved fatigue risk management.

National Heavy Vehicle Accreditation Scheme (NHVAS) Approved Course Providers

The following course providers ensure competency under the NHVAS with accreditation in either/both TILF0005 – Apply a fatigue risk management system and TILF0006 – Administer a fatigue risk management system. Whilst these courses are intended for heavy vehicle drivers, fatigue can affect workers in any industry.

Urban E-learning

Price: $75 to $750 – prices vary due to online or in person delivery and level of course


  • Available through face-to-face delivery and online. Brisbane based but with opportunity outside of Brisbane and onsite at your organisation.
  • No pre-requisite courses for any of their fatigue management courses
  • Duration: varies based on course, roughly 4-6 hours
  • Large range of courses based on your profession and role in the company
  • Corporate discounts available


Price $150


  • Online – computer with internet access and webcam required
  • 3 hours course content, assessments up to 5 hours. 6 months to complete
  • Group bookings available

KRTS pty ltd


$150 for TILF0005

$160 for TILF0006


  • Online, must have a webcam on a PC, Laptop, iPad type tablet device with internet access. Group/class environment can be arranged by contacting KRTS
  • Each course takes 4-6 hours – no time limits
  • Personal support from their staff is available during the course
  • Certificate issued once completed successfully

We’ve created a free fatigue assessment guide to help you benchmark your worker’s fatigue.

General Fatigue Management for Businesses

The following course providers offer both general and industry specific (particularly mining) fatigue risk management courses. They help participants to understand symptoms, impacts, strategies, and legislation for managing fatigue in the workplace.


Prices unavailable

Fatigue Awareness Training:


  • Length 2.5-3 hours (including breaks and questions)
  • Audience: workers who are exposed to fatiguing environments, 0-25 participants
  • Offered face-to-face and virtually
  • Focusses on identifying and acting on signs of fatigue, strategies to minimise fatigue and onboarding for their FatigueTech App.

Fatigue Supervisor Training:


  • Length 4 hours (including breaks and questions)
  • Audience: managers, supervisors, WHS personnel, schedulers or dispatch, 0-8 participants
  • Ethos Health Fatigue Awareness course is desirable as a prerequisite for comprehensive background information

Safetrac Engaging Compliance - Fatigue Management Training Course

Price: $165


  • Length 15-20 minutes online
  • Audience: all staff
  • Region: available in Australia, New Zealand and Region-neutral content format
  • Accelerated: Designed for users with prior knowledge
  • Safetrac is ISO 9001-2015 (Quality Management) Accredited
  • ISO/IEC 27001 (Information Security Management) Accredited


Fatigue specific courses available:

Fatigue Management Awareness in the Workplace

Fatigue Management in the Mining Industry

Price: $55 each


  • Online delivery
  • 45 minutes
  • Group Bookings available

Additional Specifications for Fatigue Management in the Mining Industry

  • Specifically designed to address and manage the unique issues present in the mining industry such as fly-in fly-out and shift work
  • Intended for employees, managers, contractors, and subcontractors who work in the mining industry



Chain of responsibility awareness – Free

Fatigue Management Awareness Training - $66

Basic Fatigue Management Policy and Procedures (covering the 6 standards) for your BRM number - $900 + GST

Group quote available


  • Online only, must have a webcam on a PC, Laptop or iPad type tablet device with internet access.
  • Nationally recognised registered training organisation RTO code: 91826
  • Average completion time between 1-4 hours

Many of the courses illustrate that businesses need to be able to recognise the signs of fatigued employees, as well as how to correct their workload to provide them with greater balance. Taking a proactive approach to fatigue in the workplace will prevent fatigue related incidents, increase safety compliance, and give peace of mind to your staff.

For advanced fatigue management, check out our solution


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