Fleet Complete and SafetyIQ Partnership

18 May, 2020, BRISBANE, AUSTRALIA: Fleet Complete®, a leading global provider of connected vehicle technologies, has announced today its partnership with the remote worker management solutions company, SafetyIQ. This new collaboration will bring higher levels of optimisation to its current systems, as well as bolster a more sustainable remote worker management model for companies in times of uncertainty.

With SafetyIQ, Fleet Complete customers will be equipped with mobile technology that provides real-time responses and rapid communication to mitigate accidents, injuries and delays amongst remote workers and contractors. They will be able to adapt to the changing environment quicker and significantly improve the way they monitor the safety of a workforce that can be dispersed across multiple geographical locations and have varying requirements. 

“We at Fleet Complete are very excited to have an innovative partner like SafetyIQ,” says Fleet Complete’s National Sales Director, Michael Seychell. “We believe that this smart technology will provide our fleet-owning customers a circumspect way in which to manage remote employees, even in fluctuating working conditions. Safety remains paramount in today’s working environment, and these meaningful partnerships help our customers better navigate the changes to worksite safety measures, presently and in the future.”

With employee wellbeing at the forefront of compliance mandates, employers require a concerted effort to ensure that all regulations are met. Harnessing this leading-edge technology will help ensure that clients are managing their remote personnel safely and efficiently in any circumstance.

“With anomalous changes to work environments, companies are adopting a more measured and practical approach to personnel management and standards of compliance,” said SafetyIQ CEO, Joe Hoolahan. “Transitioning employees to accommodate remote working conditions during the COVID-19 pandemic has left many companies open to risk of non-compliance to safety standards.”

“SafetyIQ’s user-friendly interface monitors and allows for Check-Ins and self-reporting of personnel’s location, as well as a multitude of other functions. The technology is being made available to customers in Australia as a part of the inaugural roll-out of the Fleet Complete and SafetyIQ partnership.”

An integrated management dashboard provides visibility into the activities of employees with two-way interaction, including:

  • Interface that monitors employees undertaking a range of functions;
  • Tracking through pre-designated Check-Ins and arrival times;
  • Activities that include domestic and international Travel, Lone Worker, Working from Home and Working On-Site;
  • Use of real-time telematics data that seamlessly integrate with future activities; and
  • Emergency response capability and planning.

“SafetyIQ’s global roll-out has been strengthened by collaboration with Fleet Complete. It’s been our vision to partner with an In-Vehicle Monitoring System provider since our inception. The coalescence of our smart technology with the distribution capability of an internationally renowned connected vehicle technology provider is transformational to the practice of personnel management.”


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