How JESI helps alleviate business traveling risks?

Business travel is an important part of companies to increase their business profile in international exhibitions, acquire new customers, gain new suppliers and partners, and ensure the smooth functioning of overseas operations.

However, due to the inter-connectedness of the global world today, many business travelers fall victim to a number of risks while traveling to distant cities or countries, whether by plane, train, or their car. Risks ranging from political instability to natural disasters pose immense negative consequences for the safety and health of employees. Other issues relating to incidents, medical problems, gun violence, and infectious diseases are also a high likelihood.

This is why many employees feel that organizations are not doing enough to ensure the health and safety of their employee on business trips. According to On Call International LLC’s report, more than 80 percent of the respondents believed their employers have a legal duty to provide a means for their protection when traveling abroad.

Organizations that are pressured to conform to standards set by the HSE thus, need effective measures to fulfill this obligation. This is why the JESI journey management software is best suited to helping employers provide a risk management strategy to their employees for effective communication.

What are the risks for business travelers and how does JESI mitigate them?

1. Emergency Situations

Business travelers face immense risks of witnessing emergency situations, such as becoming a victim of theft, vandalism, kidnapping, and so on. The matter becomes more critical if employees cannot speak the language of the travel destination and are faced with a crisis to share their concerns and complaints with people whom they can trust.

The JESI journey management software helps employees faced with such predicaments by improving safety management. Alerts can be directed to a dedicated incident response team that can respond according to company procedures.

2. Being involved in an accident and no one knowing

When employees don’t arrive at their scheduled destination an alert is triggered to emergency contacts. In the event of kidnapping or some other reason that could cause the traveler to become preoccupied with an emergency situation, the automated alert can be set to emergency contacts to alert them an incidents has occurred. This is very beneficial in letting the company know about their missing or detained employees and allowing them to quickly take action to assure their safety and health.

Without this feature, the company may not know about the ordeal faced by their employees and come under a lot of pressure to resume their affected business activities.

3. Political instability and natural disasters

The 2011 Arab Spring protests and natural disasters, such as the recent Chennai floods, can be a devastating experience for business travelers present in the vicinity. No matter how important it may be to meet with potential customers for closing deals or to attend conferences, there is no justification for traveling to a country marked by violent political demonstrations or natural disasters.

The JESI journey management software provides business travelers the security that if an incident were to occur, emergency contacts would be notified in a very short period of time.

In short, the JESI journey management software provides employers with considerable advantages for helping employees have a safe and secure journey.

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The JESI Demo highlights:

  • How travel processes are followed
  • How travellers check-in when they arrive at a checkpoint
  • How escalations are handled if a traveller fails to check-in
  • How managers can monitor the safety of travellers


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