How JESI journey management software improves business efficiency

Due to the rising risks faced by business travelers when traveling abroad, organizations are increasingly facing the brunt of being able to provide their employees with sufficient protection and health and safety measures. They are further pressured to conform to HSE standards to ensure employee rights are not violated and do not culminate in court proceedings and penalties.

However, the real test for organizations is being able to manage employee journeys efficiently and effectively. HR Managers of several companies resort to excel spreadsheets to keep track of their employees and are faced with numerous problems and challenges – from late travel reports, to a lack of visibility in knowing where employees are whilst travelling.

It is for this very reason that managers and professionals need to ensure effective employee journey management using dedicated journey management software – JESI. But before we move on to the details, we need to closely examine some of the problems that come with usage of regular spreadsheets in this regard. These are the following.


You only have to wonder at the amount of time your employees have to spend on using excel spreadsheets containing complex and error-prone records. They have to scan through hundreds of records and apply formulas to ensure inconsistencies in data are avoided.

The length of time taken has a severe impact on their productivity. Using a more efficient platform such as JESI will reduce wasted hours in administrative costs.

Late report submissions

Things are bound to get a lot more frustrating when travel reports are submitted later than required.  Travel reports should be as simple as a click of a button to determine how many employees are travelling, where employees are travelling to, how many hours they have travelled and how much this costs the business. Travel reports should be available within one click, rather than being a time consuming process.

Lack of transparency

Spreadsheets face the sheer problem of having a lack of transparency that inevitably results in missing data and inconsistencies. This makes managing travelling employees extremely frustrating and complex.

Lack of safety alerts

Lastly, spreadsheets can provide organisations with limited travel data however most importantly it does not alert management if employees do not arrive at their destination. The safety of travelling employees is paramount for any organisation and excel spreadsheets aren’t enough to assist management in knowing their people are safe.

How JESI improves business efficiency?

JESI is an efficient journey management business tool that provides users with incredible transparency and simplicity of use. The following are some advantages of JESI.

Easy to use

JESI incorporates a user-friendly interface designed to minimize the complexity and difficulty in managing manifold of data. The simple controls and navigation helps employees ensure their precious time is not wasted thereby increasing productivity at work.

Produces quality reports

JESI also provides users with on-time and accurately detailed reports to prevent any time lags in processing. This helps to ensure travel management activities function smoothly and provides management with accurate and immediate reporting.

Incident Reporting

In the event that an incident has occurred to a travelling employee, JESI automates an alert to emergency contacts when a traveller does not reach their destination. If emergency services are required, they can be alerted in a very short period of time.

WHS legislation compliant

What makes JESI immensely useful is that it is compliant with the WHS legislation standards of remote and isolated work. This means that the policies and practices of organizations will best reflect the requirements highlighted by the best practices to promote employee health and safety needs.

Take a minute to watch how JESI can keep your travelling employees safe.


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