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JESI is by your side, keeping every member of the mobile workforce connected. Being connected means committing to safety. JESI is smart, providing lone worker safety monitoring and reporting. JESI Journey Management, also includes a risk-assessment function to ensure relevant and critical ohs compliances are met. Just in case you wondered about the name, JESI stands for Journey Events Safety Innovation.

But what is Journey Management Software?

As you might expect the actual journey is mapped, but what else does Journey Management Software provide? Simply put it monitors and handles all the other vital aspects not always considered. These include risk assessment, information gathering, approvals, notifications and multi-layered communications. It might be called Mobile Workforce Management, Remote Worker Safety or Journey Management, but it is intrinsically the central dashboard tool for managing, monitoring, interacting, evaluating and reporting on mobile workforce field activity.

JESI is a complete Journey Management solution that enables an organisation to control the risks associated with a diverse workforce of remote workers operating across multiple geographic locations. JESI provides SMS alerts and reminders – Easily reply to a check-in reminder via SMS or online through the JESI web app. What truly sets JESI apart is its end-to end functionality meaning it’s a business solution not just an app.

JESI is simple and non-intrusive and includes:

  • Global connectivity – Time zone synchronisation.
  • Escalation contacts – Automated SMS and email notifications are sent to predetermined escalation contacts.
  • User activity dashboard – Provides visibility of people movements and status of remote workers.
  • Statistics – Evaluate how much activity is being undertaken across an entire workforce, team or individual user.
  • IVMS Integration – JESI combines with GEOTAB to provide complete worker and vehicle monitoring 
  • JESI is web based meaning it will work across all platforms.

We’ve got your back!

To learn more about mobile workforce safety and management watch the JESI Overview Video


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