Palaszczuk Government invests in Townsville technology for safer work

SafetyIQ a Townsville tech firm has developed an innovative way of using mobile phones to make travel between job sites safer will receive a $500,000 investment from the Palaszczuk Government’s Business Development Fund.

Treasurer Curtis Pitt announced the funding for SafetyIQ Management Solutions’ $1 million journey management software project with Future Now Ventures at the Townsville Chamber of Commerce Budget Lunch today.

“This is the first regional investment made by the Business Development Fund and it’s great to see a Townsville-based company leading the way in creating a real-time monitoring of journeys, enabling employers to respond immediately in the event of an emergency,” Mr Pitt.

“In the digital age logging journeys no longer needs to be a manual task and this technology is a real game changer, particularly in regional Queensland and for long-haul drivers.

“The company’s innovative end-to-end journey management software enables employers to safeguard their employees whenever travelling, regardless of where they are in the world.

“Providing a safe work environment goes beyond the traditional bricks and mortar locations where management have direct sight of their staff – it now includes employers ensuring staff arrive safely at locations that involve remote and isolated conditions.

“Living in a vast state like Queensland, businesses understand that travelling between locations often expose their staff to greater risks.”

SafetyIQ Management Solutions co-founder and director Joe Hoolahan said the software allows staff to map their own journeys, select their mode of transport, create checkpoints and indicate the time of their journey, wherever they are in the world.

“With greater workplace health and safety compliance requirements SafetyIQ provides a cost effective solution for companies to manage their employees’ journeys and respond to incidents when they occur,” Mr Hoolahan said.

“Companies, both in Australia and internationally, have already benefited from this software, with sales across a variety of sectors including resources, construction, health and education.

“This investment from the Palaszczuk Government will enable us to further develop the software and accelerate expansion domestically and internationally.”

Dale Rankine, Partner, Future Now Ventures said: “As the co-investor alongside the Business Development Fund, we are very pleased to be able to continue our involvement with SafetyIQ and see the company embark on the next stage of growth.”

“Our role as investor is not just to provide funding, but also strategic advice and assistance with plotting SafetyIQ Management Solutions’ path to future success,” he said.

The $40 million Business Development Fund invests from $125,000 up to $2.5 million in matched funding, alongside private sector co-investors to assist businesses turn their ideas and innovations into commercial realities.

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