What Does a Paper-based Journey Management System Really Cost You?

There are a multitude of important legal and regulatory requirements designed to keep people safe when they’re working. Additional safety standards are also required when workers face higher risks.

Remote, mobile and isolated workers face significant risks in their day-to-day work. It is required by law to actively manage these risks and ensure effective communication with your workers. A comprehensive journey management system like SafetyIQ, ensures compliance with all health and safety laws.

Technology advances have allowed for a higher level of safety, productivity, and profitability in modern businesses. It’s time to ditch the old, inefficient methods and switch to a digital Journey Management Solution.

Let's Compare!

Call in/Call out Journey Management System

Having check-in processes through a call in/call out provider can ease the workload of your Managers, but unfortunately this method is one of the most expensive options!

It’s common for call centres to charge $12 per call, with at least 2 calls needed per trip. If your journey is over 2 hours, additional check-ins are required throughout.

If price isn’t an issue for you, effectiveness should be. Call in/call out systems do solve a problem but there are many benefits to a digitised journey management software.

Say an incident did occur, how quickly can you find your worker? What if they’ve crashed and are unable to be contacted by phone?

SafetyIQ integrates with IVMS software and GPS location tracking creating complete visibility of your workers, even in low/no coverage areas. This mitigates high risk scenarios, automates emergency alerts, and enables real-time responses to critical events.

Automated check-in reminders put worker wellbeing front of mind. Automated data collection produces insights into where workers have been, where they are going, times and dates, km’s/miles travelled and types of actions.

This allows you to review any activities with accurate reporting.

Take a sneak peak at our automated risk assessments:

Paper-Based Journey Management System

Like call-in/call-out systems, paper-based journey management processes are rife with inefficiencies. They fall short in providing adequate fatigue management, rapid emergency response, accuracy, and productivity.

You may be thinking, “but paper-based journey management doesn’t cost me any money”.

Unfortunately, this is likely not the case. Your paper-based processes may not be costing you a subscription fee, but they are costing you in wages.

A paper-based risk assessment review is often undertaken by a senior worker such as a superintendent, supervisor, or manager. The time taken out of their day to review these risk assessments ends up being quite costly.

Say you have 100 employees doing 2 activities per week (a travel to and from site). This would take a minimum of 3432 hours a year in manual review processes. If your superintendent is reviewing these activities, based off the average salary ($72.49/hr), this journey management system is costing you $248,786 per year.

With SafetyIQ, the approval process is automated, only requiring a review from your elected contact if it ranks medium-high on our risk matrix. This eliminates the time spent on manual reviewing and creates awareness of activities that have a higher risk.

On average, 85% of our client's risk assessments are automatically approved.

No Journey Management System

Compliance with safety laws and standards is mandatory and companies who fail to follow the regulations could face expensive fines and significant impacts on company reputation.

Even if you’ve never had an incident, a journey management system is a legal requirement for companies to fulfill their duty of care for their travelling workers.

We’ve seen some serious consequences for companies recently.

A Brisbane scrap metal yard, despite having no prior workplace health and safety breaches, has been charged with industrial manslaughter due to their lack of health and safety policies. This resulted in a $3 million fine and two directors sentenced to 10 months’ imprisonment.

So where should I start?

As Journey Management Systems are a legal and ethical requirement, why not choose the most cost-effective and efficient solution? SafetyIQ automates your Journey Management and ensures you meet compliancy standards. This gives you the confidence that if an unforeseen incident did occur, you need not worry about legal allegations.

Still unsure what to do? See more information about SafetyIQ here.


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