Streamlining Safety Compliance

There is a myriad of important legal and regulatory requirements designed to keep people safe when they’re working. These requirements become more stringent when workers are exposed to increased risk due to working in remote or isolated locations. Examples of remote or isolated work include home and community care workers, emergency responders, field officers and off-site workers.

Organisations with remote workforces must undertake additional activities, such as maintaining direct communication with remote workers and controlled periodic checks, to comply with regulations and ensure their safety.

The overhead of compliance

Compliance with safety laws and standards is mandatory and companies who fail to follow the regulations could face expensive fines, which is one reason why many organisations have introduced journey management or lone worker software solutions.

Journey management solutions include features like safety reporting tools, streamlined communication capabilities and real-time updates for office-based supervisors. Effective journey management software provides supervisors the ability to monitor their remote workforce in an efficient and systematic manner.

Proper planning and consistent processes contribute to compliance

Journey management systems ensure consistent processes are followed, making them a critical component of a company’s safety risk management and mitigation approach. They systemise the ability to identify potential risks or hazards on any journey or worksite.

These systems must also have reliable communications abilities, not just to comply with health and safety regulations but to also provide assurances that employees can be contacted. Remote workers can often be found in locations with poor or no GPS mobile reception – having a system that offers simple SMS communication provides reliability and additional communication assurance.

Journey management or lone worker software can significantly improve the safety of isolated employees and reduce the likelihood of a workplace safety incident.

Trusted by companies of all sizes around the globe, SafetyIQ Journey Management software is a solution to the challenges of monitoring the safety of remote workers operating in isolated environments.

For more information about how we can help you meet safety compliance requirements for your remote workforce, reach out to the team at SafetyIQ.


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