Webinar – The ease of online travel risk assessments

Is it a requirement within your organisation that employees travelling in vehicles are required to complete a travel risk assessment (TRA)? Are drivers currently completing a laminated check-list or paper form? Imagine having an online form that a driver completes and is automatically sent to an authorised person for approval.

This process streamlines efficiency, makes sure travellers follow safety procedures and minimise the risk to the organisation. Especially when an audit trail can be viewed for each person’s journey.

If compliance and the safety of your travellers is important to your organisation, particularly as most tend to travel alone, then this is the webinar for you.

In the webinar learn:

  • How to complete an online travel risk assessment
  • What happens when a traveller fails their travel risk assessment
  • How the approval process works
  • How to view the audit trail for each journey

Spaces are limited for this webinar so reserve your spot below now.





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