Webinar – Travel Safety Using Travel Itineraries

Do you have employees travelling around the world?

Maybe your employees are working in third world countries where the risks are high?

You can reduce these travel risks and save time by automatically creating safety check-in points using a travel itinerary sent by your travel agent or travel coordinator.

Knowing that your travelling workforce is safe from one destination to the next, rather than guessing, will give you peace of mind at the end of each day.

Save time, fulfil your duty of care, and create a culture where safety becomes a top priority for your lone travellers.

At this webinar you will learn:

  • How easy it is to forward your travel itineraries
  • How the travel itinerary converts into safety checkpoints
  • How safety alerts are triggered during a journey
  • How this process adds an extra layer of security to your travellers

Spaces are limited so reserve your spot below.


12 – 12:20PM (AEST, BRISBANE)



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