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A local Townsville business JESI has developed a new software to improve the safety of remote and isolated workers. Townsville enterprise today celebrated the growth of JESI for bringing jobs to the region.

A local tech savvy business has developed a cloud based software, for remote and isolated workers. The software JESI is a journey management tool that ensures people know their staff, colleagues and loved ones are safe during their travels.

Simply you log your journey, then when you get to your journey the message will see whether you've arrived if you reply successfully yes to that. I guess the employer or the person monitoring that system knows that the traveler's arrived safely.

And if the traveler hasn't checked in through the software when they've reached their destination, an emergency alert will notify the employer.

The business has been in operation for over eight months and is already seen huge success with a number of major clients including Tafe Queensland North and Shamrock Civil.

We've had a couple of incidents where people have arrived late due to breakdowns or chemical spillages on roads and JESI has logged that in terms of people are late we should be a little bit concerned.

We seem to be very interested in as I've had dealt with this before, and it could be worth it for our company especially going into the PNG area and the remote areas.

Townsville enterprise economic developer Tracy Lion says the local business is evidence of Townsville's reputation for leading edge in technology in the north. As well as providing future jobs in the industry.

I think as these guys grow and their future is looking very, very solid. I'm sure the employment opportunities will grow out of that as well.

Daisy Hatfield, Win News


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