Learn how to effectively manage the safety of your workers.
Prevention Plan for Hazards in Healthcare and Community Services

Preplanning is essential to manage hazards in the healthcare and community services industry. This is particularly important for healthcare workers providing in-home services, as external […]

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No Internet Connection? Tips for Remote and Travelling Workers

As a remote or traveling worker, you may often find yourself working in areas with limited or no internet connection. This can be a major […]

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How Remote Work Management Software Benefits On-Site Construction Workers

The entire world is undergoing a technology renovation, which has facilitated companies to offer remote work programs. According to the Australian Financial Review report, 40% […]

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Overcoming Safety Hazards in Journey Management

Journey management is the implementation of plans and protocols that provide safety and protection to employees during travel. As an employer, you must ensure your […]

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Geofencing 101: What is it, and what are its applications?

Geofencing is the practice of using GPS or RFID technology to create a virtual boundary around a specific geographic location. When a device or individual […]

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Drafting an Emergency Action Plan (EAP) for At-Risk Workers

Workplace safety should always be a priority, especially for workers whose jobs put them at higher risk of injury. This includes those working at construction […]

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"Let me know when you get home safe"

We say a common phrase to our friends and loved ones before they embark on a journey: "Let me know when you get home safe." […]

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Risk Mitigation for Workers in the Oil and Gas Industry

Health and safety management is one of the most critical aspects of the oil and gas industry. This is because individuals working in this sector […]

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Safety First: Key Technologies that Protect Health and Community Services Workers and Patients

The health and community services industry plays a vital role in individuals' and communities' well-being and overall quality of life. This industry provides essential services […]

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