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Top Safety Tips for Business Travelers

As important as it is to travel for work for meeting potential customers and closing deals, it is equally crucial that you pay sufficient attention […]

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What Risks Do Lone Workers Face During Travel?

Corporate travelers who go on business trips alone are increasingly encountering several risks. It is only understandable that lone travelers, especially women, feel uncomfortable and stressful […]

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Journey Management Solution

Interim CEO – Dale Rankine The Northern Queensland Economic Summit Transcript Journey Management really covers anybody travelling within the course of their work, and the problem […]

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What is JESI?

JESI – Interim CEO – Dale Rankine The Northern Queensland Economic Summit Transcript For a quick introduction on JESI we are a proactive journey management cloud software platform, that […]

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The Emerging Economy of Technical Innovation

As a Co-Founding Director of JESI, I am extremely proud that JESI is continually being recognised as best practice in the technology innovation space. For JESI to […]

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Australia – NQ Safety Leadership Luncheon

You are welcome to attend the Australian NQ Safety Leadership Group ‘Safe Work Luncheon’ FREE to Attend: 2 course luncheon and non alcoholic beverages Guest Speakers: […]

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5 Reasons Why Employees Don’t Think About Travel Safety

While the first few times travelling for work are exciting, it quickly loses appeal. This happens for various reasons – travel fatigue, lost sleep, sacrificed […]

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5 Essentials to Note for Long Trips

For some people, road trips mean vacations and summer getaways. The long hours spent on the road is not a threat, and is even seen […]

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5 Ways to Beef up Your Travel Risk Management Plan

It may be fun, but travelling always comes with risks. Did you know that over a thousand people perish from vehicle accidents each year in Australia alone? […]

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