Learn how to effectively manage the safety of your workers.
The Emerging Economy of Technical Innovation

As a Co-Founding Director of JESI, I am extremely proud that JESI is continually being recognised as best practice in the technology innovation space. For JESI to […]

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5 Reasons Why Your Travel Safety System Isn't Effective

A travel safety system is critically important for meeting your duty of care. However, gaining employee engagement with your solution can be a difficult task. […]

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5 Essentials to Note for Long Trips

For some people, road trips mean vacations and summer getaways. The long hours spent on the road is not a threat, and is even seen […]

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5 Ways to Beef up Your Travel Risk Management Plan

It may be fun, but travelling always comes with risks. Did you know that over a thousand people perish from vehicle accidents each year in Australia alone? […]

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What is Journey Management and Why Does it Matter?

Journey Management is a term primarily used within the Mining Resources and Construction Sectors.  It is universal terminology that is familiar to these sectors globally.  […]

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Regional Startup JESI Monitors Workers’ Safety

The growth of JESI, or Journey Events Safety Innovations, mirrors the evolution of regional entrepreneurship in QLD and, more specifically, reflects a recent push from the Townsville startup […]

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Affordable Journey Management – It doesn’t have to be expensive

Running a successful business isn’t cheap!  There’s lots to think about and chances are one of your biggest costs is managing Occupational Health and Safety […]

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WIN News: Improving the Safety of Remote and Isolated Workers

Watch the WIN News Report Transcript A local Townsville business JESI has developed a new software to improve the safety of remote and isolated workers. Townsville enterprise […]

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