Learn how to effectively manage the safety of your workers.
Australian travel and safety solutions JESI and Locomote partner up for major Chevron deal

Safety monitoring platform JESI and corporate travel solution Locomote have secured a joint partnership with American energy giant Chevron, using a collaborative approach to lock […]

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Telematics without Journey Management Tells Half the Story

Written by Dr Daniel Thomas, Chief Technology Officer For modern workplaces, duty of care and employee safety are essential: Not simply from a compliance perspective, […]

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What Does a Paper-based Journey Management System Really Cost You?

There are a multitude of important legal and regulatory requirements designed to keep people safe when they’re working. Additional safety standards are also required when […]

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The 8 year overnight success story

Google ‘overnight success’ and the first person that pops up is Jeff Bezos, CEO and Founder of Amazon.  He states that it takes 10 years […]

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JESI's Women in Tech - International Women's Day

To celebrate International Women's Day, we want to shine a spotlight on the incredible women behind JESI, our efforts towards growing women in technology and […]

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Managing the Risk of Fatigue - A Course Comparison

Fatigued employees are not only less productive, but they are also a significant risk in the workplace. According to research from Monash University, workplace fatigue […]

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You are starting to feel veerryy sleepy...

Fatigue management in the workplace Yawning or rubbing your eyes? Trouble keeping your head up? Or drifting from your lane? I hope you’re not driving. […]

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JESI is by your side

JESI is by your side, keeping every member of the mobile workforce connected. Being connected means committing to safety. JESI is smart, providing lone worker […]

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Remote Work is Here to Stay

Given the unprecedented turn of events the world has experienced recently, it would be safe to say days of mass employee migration into work are […]

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