Effectively Managing Remote Workers. We’ve got your back!
Can you afford non-compliance?

You may know that the introduction of the Model Worker Health and Safety (WHS) Act obliges employers across Australia to provide sufficient worker health and safety standards […]

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Using Technology to Improve Safety in the Workplace

Workplace safety for employees has increasingly gained widespread attention and concern owing to the heavy health and safety risks it poses for workers. Construction and mining industries, for […]

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The Health and Safety Solution That Saves – A Financial Perspective

When it comes to meeting health and safety regulations and standards, every company has an obligation to do it. They have a responsibility to make […]

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Technology that is Disrupting the Resource Sector

Every few years, a new technology emerges that disrupts current work and management practices. While there is an obvious shake up of management, firms eventually […]

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Managing Safety in a Changing Workforce: Shamrock Civil Case Study

Many organisations are becoming aware of the importance of providing effective health and safety protection measures for their employees. The current business environment has seen […]

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What is a Remote and Isolated Worker?

The introduction of the Model Work Health and Safety (WHS) Act enforces employers to undertake  health and safety measures to ensure the protection of their remote and […]

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How JESI helps alleviate business traveling risks?

Business travel is an important part of companies to increase their business profile in international exhibitions, acquire new customers, gain new suppliers and partners, and […]

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How JESI journey management software improves business efficiency

Due to the rising risks faced by business travelers when traveling abroad, organizations are increasingly facing the brunt of being able to provide their employees with sufficient […]

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Travel Risk Management and the importance of integrating it into Overall Risk Management Programs

The importance of travel risk management is frequently highlighted with the need to consider all known risks as well as the potential challenges and obstacles in order […]

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