JESI Customer Solutions Manager

Jeremy Martin Jesi Journey softwareJeremy Martin

Short Brief on Work History.
Started in hospitality – Supervisor/Manager roles. Call Centre outbound sales rep, supervisor then National Customer Retention Manager for Lumo Energy, Media Sales, Telstra Business Centre Manager Townsville, Media Sales and JESI.

What is your greatest achievement?
Moving to Canada by myself when I was 17 and travelling solo.

What skills do you think you have brought to the JESI team?
Sales, training, on-boarding skills. The ability to build strong relationships with clients.

What is the most challenging but rewarding experience you have had with JESI?
Working with Enterprise clients and developing an understanding of the enterprise buying cycle. When an Enterprise client sends back a signed proposal – best feeling.

Why do you think you have been successful in working with large enterprise customers?
Developing strong relationships with the key stakeholders, understanding the process that most enterprise clients follow. Being front of mind without being annoying – maintaining the relationship is the key.

What is your greatest ambition for JESI?
Land and expand – to be the GLOBAL solution for Journey Management for our new and existing Enterprise clients. I would love to see the JESI logo in Neon lights on top of a skyscraper – a testament to being the preferred journey management solution for organisations worldwide.

What makes the JESI business successful?
JESI is so easy to use! JESI users are easy to on-board, our clients just get it!  They appreciate our willingness to go above and beyond to continue to develop the JESI Software Solution.