MEDIA RELEASE: Queensland Technology Startup JESI Integrates Software into Canadian Aware360 PeopleIoT Platform



Queensland technology startup JESI integrates software into Canadian Aware360 PeopleIoT platform

JESI software selected to complete whole-solution platform for mobile worker safety

Australia, 19 May 2017: North Queensland software startup, JESI, has announced today that its world leading journey management software has been strategically integrated by Canadian Internet of Things (IoT) platform provider, Aware360, to complete their mobile workforce safety solution.

JESI software will be introduced into Aware360’s Lone Worker component to enable businesses to improve the safety and connectivity of employees when in transit; such as driving or corporate travel. A smart device application allows workers to input their travel details complete with check-in points. Employers are immediately alerted should a check-in not be actioned.

Aware360’s exception-based IoT platform leverages personal technology to identify risks and communicate critical events to a trusted response centre – ensuring people are protected, regardless of their environment. As the mobile workforce continues to rapidly increase, the integration of JESI will extend Aware360’s journey management tools to support the entire management of people mobility, from workers in the field and non-office based staff, to corporate travel and those heading into high risk territories anywhere on the globe.

Joe Hoolahan, Co-Founder and CEO of JESI, said: “The partnership with Aware360 is a perfect example of how established businesses are keeping pace with the speed of the market by acquiring best of breed technology to complete their product offerings.


“Integrating JESI’s journey management software into the Aware360 PeopleIoT platform is a huge step forward in supporting the global corporate trend towards a more mobile workforce, as well as satisfying corporate responsibility in the safety and well-being of employees.


“With the mobile workforce predicted to encompass almost three-quarters of all employees by 2020, people mobility is becoming a huge operational challenge for businesses as they struggle to fulfil their duty of care to employees working off-site. Businesses don’t want to work off multiple platforms so there needs to be a centralised platform to help manage all aspects of a transient workforce, from assets to people and places,” added Mr. Hoolahan.

The partnership between JESI and Aware360, will allow both companies to provide more extensive safety solutions for today’s increasingly mobile workforce – demonstrating technology can enable employees to work anywhere around the world safely.

Aware360 CEO Steve Matthews commented: “While we are a pioneer in connecting at-risk workers to monitor centres around the world, we have been looking for some time for a leading-edge Journey Management solution. JESI provides a specialised format for trip planning and approval processing, supports safety check-ins and waypoints and gives our clients peace of mind as they go about their business around the world”.

Aware360 will enter into the Australian market with JESI over the next few months to support the native mobile workforce. In addition, this partnership continues JESI’s international expansion following a November 2016 partnership with UK-based operational expertise management specialist, Strategic Analytics Team, which provided its first foothold in the European market. Aware360 is JESI’s seventh international supplier and adds to its current reach that includes the United States, Asia-Pacific and the Middle East.

Operating its global business out of Townsville, JESI is flying the flag for Australian regional innovation and is an exceptional example of how technology is allowing work to be performed from any location across the globe.



About JESI:

JESI is a global workforce management business which uses innovative technology to help workers to travel safely and communicate with their teams from even the most remote locations. Operating out of Townsville, North Queensland, JESI was the first recipient of regional investment as part of the Queensland Government’s Advanced Queensland initiative. JESI journey management software is already used and trusted by a variety of companies in a wide range of sectors including resources, construction, education and health, both in Australia and internationally. For more information, visit and follow @jesijourney on Twitter.

About Aware360:

Aware360 makes people’s lives better through early identification and notification of risks to a trusted response center, ensuring peace of mind. Their solutions leverage personal technology (eg: wearables, smartphone apps and satellite devices) to ensure each individual is protected, regardless of their environment. Managers, co-workers and family members can be certain their colleague, friend or family member will receive help when needed. Aware360 solutions enable a robust and growing global ecosystem of device manufacturers, IoT platform providers and Real Time Response Partners. For more information, visit and follow @Aware_360 on Twitter.

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