JESI CEO / Co-Founder

Joe-Hoolahan-CEO-Cofounder-JESIJoe Hoolahan

Short Brief on Work History.
Over 20 years’ experience in creating new products, businesses and related business models, ranging from Education to Professional Sporting groups. Demonstrated ability to look at things a little differently for a new result.

What is your greatest achievement?
Founding JESI… 5 years on seeing rewards thanks to an amazing team.

What skills do you think you have brought to the JESI team?
Resilience. Ability to keep making things happen.

What is the most challenging but rewarding experience you have had with JESI?
Early stages when cash flow burn is a massive problem. Finding ways to keep it all moving in the right direction.

Why do you think you have been successful in working with large enterprise customers?
Willingness to be agile.  Also listening to client feedback.

What is your greatest ambition for JESI?
To be seen as a market leader in the Journey Management sector and play a pivotal role in developing a business that our staff, shareholders and clients are proud to be associated with.

What makes the JESI business successful?
Our team’s willingness to do whatever it takes. I love the way different parts of the business value each other’s roles and work together to get a result. Every day presents a new opportunity to learn something about ourselves and each other.