Journey Management Solution

Interim CEO – Dale Rankine

The Northern Queensland Economic Summit


Journey Management really covers anybody travelling within the course of their work, and the problem that we were able to identify is that processes within organisation are letting those companies down.  In terms of their knowledge of where their workers are and the modes of transport that they are following, often create issues for tracking and really provides an environment of risk and costs associated with that. A lot of companies obviously are trying to remove those risks right now in their business.

For JESI our solution crosses all various aspects of the travel profile within a company. Through centralising and creating automated processes to allow for the notification and escalation of alerts when people aren’t where they are supposed to be, thus shortening time frames in terms of addressing real problems that are addressing real people at the end of the day. This has been one of our strengths to be able to consolidate these processes and bring this onto one platform.

We solve these problems through automatic logging and tracking of journeys, automated escalations, creating new processes and streamlining those processes to increase efficiencies in organisations. JESI provides a simple process for this to happen, rather than overlaying more complexity and more rigorous compliance within an organisation.

Our solution has been targeted to create and encourage positive behaviour, in terms of safety and health within the workplace.

Watch JESI Demo

The JESI Demo highlights:
  • How travel processes are followed
  • How travellers check-in when they arrive at a checkpoint
  • How escalations are handled if a traveller fails to check-in
  • How managers can monitor the safety of travellers
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