Director Customer Solutions / Co-Founder

Kathy Wilson

Short Brief on Work History.

Over 20 years’ Executive Management Roles within the Human Resources and Training Sector.

What is your greatest achievement?
Most definitely my role with JESI. Having supported the company from conception to building a successful business and team over the past 5 years. The next 12 months are going to be most exciting as it will be a culmination of all our hard work coming together.

What skills do you think you have brought to the JESI team?
I have often been described as having ‘streetwise’ business acumen – which I believe means that I do what instinctively makes sense and can not only strategize, but then execute operationally – and my biggest attribute is that if it’s not getting results, quickly change the plan! Throughout my career, I have always been surrounded by amazing mentors both in my business and personal lives which has enabled me to develop, execute and maintain good business practices while bringing others on the same journey.

What is the most challenging but rewarding experience you have had with JESI?
On-boarding our very first large global enterprise client 4 years ago … and they still remain as a client!  To be part of JESI creating a software program, developing the business plan followed by the execution.  To then be sitting at the table with Senior Managers who were serious about how JESI was going to provide a solution for their workforce was a very surreal moment. It was challenging due to the diversity and geographical spread of the workforce and trying to get an understanding of the company’s internal influences.

Why do you think you have been successful in working with large enterprise customers?
It hasn’t happened over night and we are continually learning how to do things smarter and faster.  Fundamentally though, we have tried to remove barriers that delay the decision or procurement process and accelerate JESI’s on-boarding activities. The contract terms and conditions agreement has been developed in a way that authorization can be quickly achieved without scrutiny from legal departments that often create needless delays and significant cost. We have developed on-boarding kits that clients can easily customise for their own organisations with minimal effort. The customer engagement or sales funnel has also been streamlined and provides prospective clients with the ability to access sufficient information independently without interaction from a JESI Customer Solutions Representative. When a prospective client does reach out the discussion is qualified and moves quickly through the sales cycle.

What is your greatest ambition for JESI?
That JESI becomes the software of choice for anyone that travels irrespective of their location.

What makes the JESI business successful?
Our team!! We are exceptionally lean, have great communication that enables all areas of the business to work together effectively and efficiently. Together we plan, execute and deliver.