JESI Software Developer

Elizabeth-Forest-JESILiz Forest

Bachelor of Information Technology (Honours).

Short Brief on your work experience
Before I was at JESI I was studying at University where I did tutoring, tech support and web development work.

What is the most exciting/interesting thing that you have developed and why?
That would have to be my honours project, working with machine learning and image analysis to categorise images based on quality to assist the Minke Whale Project.

Why do you think JESI is leading the way in technology?
We are always looking at new technologies and aren’t afraid to build our own solutions or add to existing open source solutions when we need to.

Without giving away secrets, what technology is JESI using and what is the best thing about this technology?
One of our core technologies is Clojure/ClojureScript, which is great because it’s a functional language and there are some really good frameworks for it like re-frame and pedestal which makes it great to use.

What is the coolest thing you have done while at JESI?
I feel like any new feature I get to work on usually becomes my new “coolest thing” since we always seem to be doing bigger and better things.

How do you keep up with new technology?
I like to read articles and blogs on new technologies I am interested in as well as talking to the other developers in iNQ to see what technologies they are using and looking at.