JESI Software Developer

Luke DonnetLuke Donnet

Let’s start with the easy questions, can you tell us what qualifications you have?
That is easy, I have a BA Chemical Engineering & Information Technology from James Cook University.

That’s an interesting combination, can you give us a brief description of your work experience to date?
After a brief stint as a chemical engineer I started working as a professional software developer in 2018. Since then I have been lucky enough to work on a variety of different software projects. Ranging from early stage pre-revenue startups to multi-million dollar VC funded companies.

And during your career what is the most interesting thing that you have been involved in so far?
One of the coolest projects I had the opportunity to work on was a video streaming platform. This was exciting because it’s not something the average developer comes across and it’s a great skill to have in my arsenal.

Now, having recently joined the JESI team what are your thoughts on why JESI is leading the way in technology?
One thing that all great technology companies have in common is innovation. At JESI, we are always on the lookout for how we can deliver new ideas to the wider tech community and the journey management space. In order for us to achieve this, we are either using or developing the cutting edge technologies of today.

And without giving away secrets, what technology is JESI using and what is the best thing about this technology?
We use a number of technologies at JESI. Most notably, a lot of our system is built on a functional programming language called Clojure. Clojure is an awesome language for software development due to its power, flexibility and elegant design. This allows us to move quickly and develop agility that many tech companies strive for.

Our system is also exclusively hosted in the cloud. This is great since we can deliver our product globally, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year.

This must mean that you’ve worked on some cool things while at JESI?
For sure, by far the coolest was revamping our browser automation tools. Allowing them to run across multiple platforms including mobile and desktop both on a real device and in the cloud. This allowed us to test things that have otherwise been impossible. This gives us more confidence in the best quality of our product.

And is this one of the reasons you like working at JESI?
Yes, I love the technology the most. JESI has built an amazing product that is backed by amazing technology. Having the opportunity to work with this technology on a daily basis is a luxury not many developers are able to have.

Now I think we all know that the tech world changes at breakneck speed, how do you ensure you keep up with technology?
I have a lot of channels to keep up-to-date. Engaging in the community, attending tech meetups, viewing trending repositories on Github, subscribing to newsletters and seeing what is on offer at programming book retailers.

And lastly Luke, what is your workplace personality? How would those you work with describe you?
Although I don’t really know how others would describe me, I would like to think that I am someone who is always willing to take on any challenge. I think the ability to pickup tasks is especially important in startups where employees aren’t pigeonholed and often diverge from their initial role. I enjoy learning and doing new things and I hope others can see that as well.