New Feature – Online Travel Risk Assessment


Feature Release:

Online Travel Risk Assessment

We are proud to announce a new feature that will assist those who are interested in keeping a close eye on travellers completing a travel risk assessment, automating the approval process and being able to look at the audit history with a click of a button.


Watch JESI in action as we show you how to easily monitor your travelling workforce and access audit history.

This feature is customisable to your organisation’s travel risk assessment requirements.

This is how it works

  • Send us your current travel risk assessment
  • We create your travel risk assessment questions and customise the approval/deny workflow according to your requirements
  • Your online travel risk assessment is ready for use
  • When a traveller creates their journey in JESI, they also complete the customised travel risk assessment
  • Depending how the traveller answers the questions will depend whether they are approved or denied travel – both the manager and traveller will be notified of the outcome

Travel Approved Outcome

Travel Denied Outcome

How do I get it?

Contact us so we can help you identify your customisable travel risk assessment needs.

Safe travelling!

Watch full JESI DEMO

JESI has more features and functionality to help keep your travelling employees safe. Watch 2 minute DEMO.

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