Trip Risk Assessment

Travel or Trip Risk Assessment

A Travel or Trip Risk Assessment  is a process used in the planning stage of a journey to identify hazards and establish safety control measures to prevent harm to life, health, property or the environment. A risk assessment should be completed prior to the commencement of any journey where there are high risk factors.

Current practices to undertake a Travel or Trip Risk Assessments is generally completed by a traveler using a paper form, that is then submitted to a supervisor for review.

JESI Travel or Trip Risk Assessment is an entirely online interactive process using SMS communication with both the traveler and their respective supervisor or authorised reviewer to approve or deny.

The JESI Travel or Trip Risk Assessment can be customised to incorporate individual organisational requirements and process’s.

How it works

  • Traveler creates their journey plan in JESI
  • The traveler is then automatically prompted to complete the questions in the Travel Risk Assessment.
  • Once the Travel Risk Assessment is completed by the traveler, the reviewer or supervisor will receive an SMS and Email to notify them
  • The reviewer has the ability to access the Travel Risk Assessment by using the hyperlink included in the SMS and Email
  • Once the Travel Risk Assessment has been reviewed and either approved or denied, the traveler will receive and SMS to notify them


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