What is JESI?

JESI – Interim CEO – Dale Rankine

The Northern Queensland Economic Summit


For a quick introduction on JESI we are a proactive journey management cloud software platform, that works for keeping a level of compliance, safety and governance over remote and isolated workers.

That may sound like it’s limited to people wearing hard hats, or driving out along big long dusty lone stretches of road, but in fact it covers anybody who is travelling. Whether that be white collar or blue collar, the importance of understanding where your people are at any given point in time and being able to ensure that the processes that are in place to alert you to problems, don’t fall by the way side, or fall into some of the traps that we see very commonly in large organisations who sometimes manage this type of process on whiteboards and spreadsheets.

It’s very applicable across various industries. Some of the success we have had already has validated and proven our approach, and proven the product, is the fact that we are across vertical and across industry and across geography within 18 months.

Watch JESI Demo

The JESI Demo highlights:
  • How travel processes are followed
  • How travellers check-in when they arrive at a checkpoint
  • How escalations are handled if a traveller fails to check-in
  • How managers can monitor the safety of travellers
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