Why Choose JESI?

JESI provides an overview of where people are, where they have been and where they are going.

JESI is a global, location-based software solution that manages risks for Mobile Workers operating remotely across multiple geographic locations.

The JESI technology enables real-time emergency responses for remote and isolated workers, who have had an accident or a serious injury.

JESI Core Modules

JESI is used by Isolated and Remote Workers worldwide and is trusted across numerous industry sectors.
worker checking on an equipment with PPE
Lone Worker

Workers on their own can Check-In at set interval times.

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Working From Home

Workers can use the Check-In option at regular intervals.

How JESI Works

Self-Managed Activities
Monitoring Activities
Dashboards & Analytics
Simplified Journey Creation

Self-Managed Activities

Every User can login to JESI from any device, giving them the independence to create or edit their own Activities.


Monitoring Activities

Users with the correct permission level, have access to Team Members Escalations via SMS and online, including critical information to rapidly activate emergency responses.

JESI System Statistics

Dashboard & Analytics

Data in and out using the Activity Dashboards, provides leaders with sophisticated tools that provide worker insights that improves efficiencies and compliance responsibilities.


JESI is a solution to a huge operational challenge

A Complete Remote Worker Management Solution

JESI is more than software alone

A complete end-to-end remote worker management solution
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Building a Culture of Safety

JESI enables companies to effectively manage remote workers operating in environments that require safety controls. Workers have a right to get home safe and companies have an obligation to support their workers.

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We know that any new system is only as good as its adoption rate – that’s why we include implementation support and an industry-leading onboarding program in our services.

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Connected Technology
We integrate our technology with specialist software, offering companies a centralised, holistic solution for managing the safety of remote workers.


Create significant value and increase safety outcomes with ready to go technology integrations

In-vehicle Monitoring Systems (IVMS)

Combining Journey Management Planning with real-time vehicle tracking telematics

Pre-trip Approvals

Seamless pre-trip authorisation workflows for managing and booking corporate travel

Reporting and Data Analytics

Measure workforce movements, locations, escalations, hours of travel & types of transport


I couldn’t be happier with the solution the team at JESI provided us with. The user interface looks clean and is easy to use, and the technical support has felt like a partnership from day one.

Steven Cucé

Head of Zero Harm

JESI has been well accepted by all personnel. We now apply a system where at the end of the day, we know all personnel have returned home to their loved ones or back to camp safely.

Emma Cullen

Employee Relations Manager

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