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Easternwell Winning International Awards for Journey Management

Easternwell Winning Awards for Journey Management

Easternwell recently joined with JESI, a software company, in a workshop to explore opportunities to make further improvements to the journey management software solution that creates a safer connected travelling network for people working in remote locations.

Easternwell implemented the app-based journey management system in 2016 as drivers are required to travel long distances on remote and sometimes isolated roads, and are therefore at the higher level risk for fatigue-related incidents. The journey management system was implemented in conjunction with In-Vehicle Monitoring System (IVMS) to help reduce the risk for drivers.


About JESI

JESI is a Travel or Journey Management Enterprise Software solution that creates a Safer connected network irrespective of where Travelers are going or what type of transport is being used.

Using sms or Online check in, users can confirm their Safe arrival. If Travelers don’t confirm their safe arrival, JESI automates an Emergency Alert to predetermined contacts.

From Family Members, Work Colleagues or overseeing an entire Workforce, JESI globally keeps people Safely connected.



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