Working From Home EOFY Tips

Lockdowns suck and have unfortunately become a part of the modern workplace.

Whether you have been forced to work from home during a mandated lockdown, or work from another location other than your normal workplace, just about every working person has logged at least a few hours from home this past financial year.

Tax time

As we enter the new financial year, the ATO has recognised the new norm of working from home by simplifying the home office expense calculation method. With their ‘Shortcut Calculation Method’, you can claim 80 cents for every hour worked at home.

For more detailed information go to the ATO website – click here

SafetyIQ Work From Home Users

For those that have been using SafetyIQ’s work from home activity, your tax return just got a lot easier! To claim any home office expenses with this Shortcut Method you are required to have a record of the hours and all this data is easily accessed in your SafetyIQ History.

How to Export your Work From Home Activity Report

Once you have logged in to SafetyIQ follow the below instructions.

  1. Under the ACTIVITIES section of the Navigation click ‘History’
  2. Navigate to the top right of the screen and click the ‘DOWNLOAD AS CSV’ button

After the History.csv has downloaded, open and you can filter the ‘action type’ to only show “working-from-home” and calculate the total of the ‘activity time’.

Once completed you will have a total figure to claim home office expenses with and a secure record for the ATO.

View your SafetyIQ History

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