Remote Worker Management Software

How do you monitor your remote workers who are geographically dispersed?

JESI is a global, location-based software solution that enables an organisation to control the risks associated with a Mobile Workforce operating remotely across multiple geographic locations.

JESI provides an overview of where people are, where they have been and where they are going.

The JESI mobile technology enables real-time responses and rapid communication that helps to reduce the number of accidents, injuries and delays amongst remote workers.

Use JESI for:

  • Journey Management
  • Lone Workers
  • Working From Home
  • Working On-Site
  • Health Checks (COVID-19)
  • Digital Risk Assessments

JESI is very intuitive and easy to use. SMS and email notifications, send automated alerts and Check-In reminders. One click to Check-In safely is all that is required. Fail to Check-In, and your emergency contact will be notified instantly.

JESI - Journey Management | International and Domestic Travel | Lone Worker | Working From Home | Working On-site | Health Check

Our success stories

JESI provides

Proven Technology

JESI Starter is used by isolated and remote workers worldwide and is trusted across numerous industry sectors.


Trusted and proven
by organisations globally.

User Friendly Platform

JESI is easy to use, even for
those who are not tech-savy.


JESI provides operation managers with visibility of people movements and safety of staff. Managers receive alerts if users fail to check-in as planned.

Industries locally, nationally and globally rely on JESI