Health and Safety Legislation varies from country to country however the consistent factor across the world is the legal right to be protected from work related risks.

Legislation is legally enforceable and heavy maximum penalties apply for the breach of an Act. A company can breach an Act by not taking adequate care of their workers, particularly those who work alone.

There are various terms and definitions for working alone, these include:

  • ‘Lone Workers’ are those who work by themselves without close or direct supervision.
  • ‘Isolated Worker’ is the person performing on-site or off-site work, during or outside of normal work hours, or any isolated area in which the worker cannot seek the assistance of any co-worker or supervisor.
  • ‘Remote Worker’ performs work that is carried out in areas that are separate from the company premises in which access to communications and travel arrangements are difficult to come by.

Lone working, or remote and isolated work, also applies to those who travel. Due to the risks involved when lone working, risk mitigation strategies are essential for protecting your people. Ensure an effective lone worker and remote and isolated worker journey management plan is implemented.

The latest legislation throughout the world can be found below.