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JESI Improves Remote Worker Safety


- How journey management plans are set up?
- How users check-in when they arrive at a checkpoint?
- How are escalations managed if a user fails to check-in?
- How managers can monitor the safety of users?

In this demo, watch how JESI, using the primary activity, Journey Management (JMP) can support you in managing risks for your workers who are driving, flying or using multiple modes of transport.

Company Executives, General Managers, Health and Safety Professionals, Corporate Travel Agents and Team Leaders all have one thing in common…

They need to know their people are safe when travelling! But how?

Travel is a risk to any organisation and knowing where your workers are and if they are OK, can be one less thing to worry about using JESI. Prioritising the safety of your travelling workers, without the big brother approach, sends a clear message to your team. 

Their safety is important!