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About Sandvik Rock Tools

Sandvik Rock Tools is a division of the global engineering group, Sandvik. The company is a leading supplier of equipment and tools, services and technical solutions for the mining and construction industries. Sandvik Rock Tools offers a comprehensive range of specialised equipment for bench drilling, raise boring, coal and mineral cutting, tunnelling, trenching, road grading and cold planning. Sandvik has 20 facilities throughout Australia and many employees are required to travel to remote worksites to provide onsite maintenance, service and assistance to clients.


Sandvik Rock Tools previously took a manual approach to their journey management processes. This included use of call in/call out systems, whiteboards and other paper based processes that potentially presented risks due to the possibility of human error. This made the administration and supervision of remote employees a challenge. Sandvik Rock Tools employees frequently travel to client sites to undertake their work. These are often remote commutes that require travel over extensive distances, in inhospitable regions. Serious threats are posed by both heat and geographical isolation.

Quality assurance and efficiency were a challenge with the systems previously in place to monitor the safety of their remote workers.


Sandvik Rock Tools selected JESI Remote Worker Management software based on the recommendation of three new staff who had previously worked with JESI. Endorsement from personally experienced employees set high expectations that JESI would be a hassle-free solution for journey and remote worker safety management. For Sandvik Rock Tools, the priorities were dependability and useability. The three staff who had previously used JESI were confident that it would meet the rock tool team’s needs.

These expectations were met from day one, with the ease of signup being of particular note. Reliability and ease of use were the fundamental criteria considered when making a selection. JESI Remote Worker Management software effectively removed the human error from the previous manual monitoring and escalation processes.


1. Pre-Planning

Established a Strategic Sponsor, set clear agendas and outcomes for each Onboarding session.

2. Scope & Development

Defined the scope and timelines for change management and implementation.

3. Confirmation

Ensured the Scope and Timelines had the appropriate internal endorsement and set success metrics.

4. Training

Multiple live training sessions, full access to all online User Guides and ongoing Monthly User Training Webinar.

5. Evaluation

Evaluated against the success metrics when appropriate.


The transition was one of the easiest undertaken for change management – excellent support from the JESI team.

– Sandvik Rock Tools


JESI Remote Worker Management software was implemented with minimal disruption to internal procedures and personnel routines.

Once an Activity commences, JESI sends SMS and email alerts to a User to ensure they Check-In safely at the location in their Activity plan. Users simply reply ‘YES’ to the SMS or Check-In online, confirming their safety. Should a User fail to respond to the Check-In alert, a notification is sent to predetermined Escalation Contacts by SMS and email. The organisation can then immediately follow their authorised safety protocols.


The implementation of a seamless and labour free solution to remote worker management and monitoring has been instrumental in the optimisation of internal safety operations. Knowing where employees are and having the peace of mind that they are safe has made the job easier and more efficient for supervisors. Beyond monitoring the whereabouts of remote employees, JESI’s User Activity Report has also created efficiencies by providing reports to clients to verify the number of site visits made in a given timeframe.

The feedback from Sandvik Rock Tools personnel was that JESI proved economic, easy to use and convenient to monitor, and largely removed the human error from the escalation process in the event a traveller fails to Check-In.

“By doing away with the pens and paper of a manual call out system, we have simplified our safety management procedure in a timely and cost-effective manner. Having confidence in the safety of our staff and how we assess that is invaluable. Once staff fell into the rhythm of logging and checking in, there was no resistance to the usage of the new technology.”

Return on Investment

Sandvik were spending on average 50 hours per month on manual Journey Management processes. This was costing them almost $2,500 a month in labour costs.

After implementing JESI, they are now saving 42 hours a month and over $1,000 a month.

JESI is a vital tool as we manage the risk of having solo workers travelling across multiple client sites. It also provides a clear and concise record of on-site service appointments for compliance – to assure the client we are managing the risk.

– Sandvik Rock Tools

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