Learn how to effectively manage the safety of your workers.
The Comprehensive Guide to Lone Worker Monitoring Systems

Working alone can be dangerous, but with the right safety measures in place, it doesn’t have to be. Lone worker monitoring systems can help you […]

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6 Workplace Fatigue Management Tips You Should Know About

According to studies conducted by the National Safety Council, fatigue leads to 13% of all workplace accidents. Furthermore, 43% of Americans acknowledge they sometimes feel […]

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Environmental Legislation For Business in Australia: Everything You Need to Know

Understanding the relevant environmental laws is crucial when launching or operating a business. Environmental legislation can impact everything from how you operate your business, to […]

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8 Lone Worker Safety Tips You Should Know About

Each day, lone workers confront a new and different set of potentially dangerous health and safety dangers. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, there […]

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How to Become a Carbon Neutral Business: Your Ultimate Guide

Do you want to know how to become a carbon neutral business? The threat of climate change is becoming the most pressing issue facing humanity. […]

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Here's Why ISO Accreditation is Important

ISO accreditation is an international standard that ensures a company is competent to provide products and services that meet the requirements set by the International […]

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The Pros & Cons of Internal vs External Auditors

Auditing is the verification of assertions made by management about a company's financial statement. An audit can be conducted by an internal auditor, who is […]

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What is a Safety Champion and How to Identify those in your Workplace

What is a Safety Champion? This is a question that many people may not have an answer to. A Safety Champion is someone who takes […]

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The Direct and Indirect Costs of a Workplace Accident

The International Labour Organization estimates that every year, 2.3 million workers get injuries in the workplace. While some of these injuries are relatively minor, others […]

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