Effectively Managing Remote Workers. We’ve got your back!
COVID-19 Risk Assessments – Obligations for Employees

Coronavirus’s (COVID-19) relentless economic and societal impacts continue to create challenges for both individuals and organisations. As Coronavirus (COVID-19) forces people worldwide to work from […]

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Ensuring the Safety of Your Workers During the Coronavirus Crisis

With cases of Coronavirus (COVID-19) exponentially increasing worldwide, the risk of infection is becoming a progressively serious concern for all. For organisations, who have a […]

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Keeping Workers Safe in Bushfire or Flood Affected Areas

As bushfires and floods continue to threaten worker safety in Australia, the need for safety precautions remains a top priority. Bushfires and floods present a […]

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Streamlining Safety Compliance

There is a myriad of important legal and regulatory requirements designed to keep people safe when they’re working. These requirements become more stringent when workers […]

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Real Time Data Checks Worker Safety

Fly-in fly-out, remote and lone workers are an essential part of workforces all around the world. Companies that rely on these types of workers have […]

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A Simple Solution to Protect the Safety of Remote Workers

Remote and isolated workforces are the foundation of industries all over the world. Often travelling to distant locations or following unusual schedules, remote workers face more […]

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Queensland Utilities Company Ensures Remote Worker Safety

About Powerlink Powerlink is a leading Australian provider of high voltage electricity transmission network services, combining innovation with insight to deliver safe, cost-effective and reliable […]

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Stay Smart While Travelling

The continuing and long-standing threat of terrorist attacks across the world is a real concern when travelling abroad. Since 2000, there has been a nine-fold […]

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On-boarding Technology – Getting it right!!

Over the past 4 years and having on boarded JESI Technology into hundreds of companies around the globe, we are acutely aware that there is […]

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