How Remote Work Management Software Benefits On-Site Construction Workers

The entire world is undergoing a technology renovation, which has facilitated companies to offer remote work programs. According to the Australian Financial Review report, 40% of the Australian workforce is working from home. If you want to promote remote work in your company or already do, you have to use a remote work management system to ensure smooth operations.

Using remote work management software in the construction industry can streamline operations for businesses dealing with on-site construction workers. The program has several benefits, which will be elaborately discussed in this blog.

What is Remote Monitoring in the Construction Industry?

Remote monitoring software uses multiple auditing technologies to capture construction worker details, locations, times, and other critical information. With the help of this software, you can conduct remote monitoring of your construction company, especially on days you cannot come to the site. A remote monitoring application can help you safely monitor your team's progress, regardless of their location.

What Does a Remote Work Management Software Do?

A remote work management software application like SafetyIQ provides:


You can use the monitoring system to ensure the teams reach their destination safely. You can add the starting point and the final location in the software, and schedule check-ins at various intervals. The remote worker management app will also allow you to insert multiple checkpoints, so drivers can overcome fatigue if the route requires several hours of travel.

When your workers reach the construction site, you will receive a notification. You can also add the check-in pop-up notification to remind workers to update their progress on the app. In case the worker had an accident on the way and couldn't check in, the software will alert the team manager with the last location of the worker. In this case, you can contact the authorities to assess the situation.

Travel Risk and Fatigue Assessment

Depending on the weather, some routes can be dangerous for travel. Before sending out your employees, you can conduct a travel risk assessment through a remote monitoring application. It will conduct a thorough risk analysis and suggest the safest route.

On top of this, you can employ a fatigue assessment to proactively ensure your workers are safe to work or drive. Our fatigue management solution measures alertness through a game-like quiz. It assesses speed, accuracy and behaviour patterns to determine a user's personal baseline or normal performance. It notifies a manager if they score outside their normal range.

If a construction worker is fatigued, they are a significant safety risk to the organisation. Fatigue causes errors, near misses, incidents and accidents, all with a higher likelihood of serious consequences.

Automated Audit Log

Audit logs allow you to monitor various activities in real time. Therefore, each travel stop spot, SMS, and email is time stamped. This allows you to check your entire workforce activity and review whether or not a task was completed on time. Additionally, you can revisit the audit log if you need reporting information. Say an incident occured, you have all the information needed of what occured and the time it did.

Benefits of Remote Monitoring Software for the Construction industry

A remote monitoring system can improve how you manage your construction site. It can help you keep an eye on all activities without covering a longer distance to check each employee's progress. In addition to this advantage, you can get the benefits mentioned below:

Worker Check-In and Check-Out Timings

You can use the remote monitoring software when you are not available on-site to see worker arrival time, as each employee has to log in when they reach the construction premises. The software will use time stamps to show the exact time an employee clocked into their shift.

Moreover, you have to make sure that employees' work hours are not exceeding the 38 hours per week limit stated by the Fair Work Act. Using the software application, the workers can check out when their shift ends. This way, you can learn the exact hours an employee is spending per day.

Construction Worker Productivity Evaluation

The labour productivity rate measures the amount of output based on an employee's efforts. The average labour productivity rate in Australia is 79.14 across all industries, shooting up to 101.12 in previous year. If you want to calculate your team's productivity, you must calculate the labour productivity index (LPI) and learn whether or not your employees are performing effectively.

Remote monitoring software can provide you with the information that can help you correctly determine your company's LPI. The remote worker management software creates a complete report on construction worker safety and work details, locations, and check-in/check-out times and dates. You can evaluate an individual or entire team's productivity levels easily using this software.

Construction Site Risk Management

In Australia, the construction industry has the third highest fatality rate, making it a very dangerous field to work in. As an employer, you are responsible for making sure each worker arrives and safely leaves the construction site. Fortunately, you can do this through an automated remote monitoring system like SafetyIQ that provides risk assessment and sends out emergency alerts in case of workplace accidents. When the help arrives on time, your employees can get the required assistance in a timely manner, minimising injuries or damage.

Wrapping Up

A remote monitoring application uses multiple technologies to help you keep track of a construction site. As a result, you can learn about your employee's well-being and productivity without going to the construction spot.


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