How my Dad's Death Inspired Me to Work at JESI

JESI was inspired by a car crash that could’ve been fatal. A good mate, a travelling salesman, rolled his car just outside of Weipa in the state’s far north. Despite several mates waiting for him in the pub, he was trapped upside-down in his car, lapsing in and out of consciousness, for six hours before a passing motorist found him.

The good news is that he is alive and well, but the incident prompted the question: “How can this happen in a time when we are more connected than ever?” And thus, JESI was founded.

The JESI story not only inspired a safety solution that helps protect the lives of mobile, remote and isolated workers, but also inspired our Digital Marketing Coordinator – Chloe Healion – to join JESI and be apart of this commitment to worker safety.

This is her JESI story.

To positively contribute to society is something I think many people aspire to do, and for me, I have a strong connection with the JESI story and the problem it solves.

When I was 14 years old, I lost my dad in a workplace accident. I know first-hand the impacts this has on everyone. Three children lost their dad, one women lost her husband and many people lost a friend. The company closed and the jobs of fellow friends and colleagues were lost, and the owner, a long-time friend of my dad and our family, distraught with death on their conscious.

When you lose someone like that, you get this realisation that you're never going to see this person again - never going to have a dad again. And when you're that young, you lose so many memories, and can never make new ones with them.

Every workplace fatality is tragic and shouldn’t happen. Headlines are released so often about a workplace being fined or the loss of someone’s life. But the thing is, it’s only until I actually knew the person in the headline, that you realise how impactful that news is to real people.  

In the end, its family and loved ones that are the most important reason for worker safety.

Motivation for Working at JESI

When I went for the position at JESI, I felt inspired. I had the opportunity to work for a company where I can make a difference in the lives of workers similar to my dad, and the families like me with parents that have these high-risk jobs.

Those who have workers that operate in high-risk environments (or any environment really), have a responsibility to their families to ensure they are mitigating these risks as much as possible. It’s never worth risking your kids growing up without knowing you, and going through everything that I, and many others have gone through. The fact is, it doesn’t need to be, nor should be hindsight anymore. With JESI, no matter where you are, someone has your back, and the improved safety processes can help you get home safely to your loved ones.

Working at JESI, makes me feel like my dad would be proud of me. Unfortunately, he doesn't get to see where I am today or the kind of person I grew up to be, but in a way I can put something positive around what was a really difficult and tragic situation.


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